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They consider the present Bible to be hopelessly out-of-date and is requiring updating. Updated, corrected, spoiled Bible is published now in millions; the purpose of its distribution is not in promotion of Christianity, but in ideological preparation of people for the arrival of a new Messiah.

And, finally, now, as never before, we have so many channelers. They name themselves « light workers ». What lacks in the picture of the world for complete similarity with Germany before the War? Only a leader. The planetary leader - Antichrist. As soon as he appears, the machine of NA will start to work.

Under Bailey’s certificate , the resisting forces of the fortified evil must be broken before Christ, whom all people wait for, arrives. That means that Maitreya can only arrive in the world, when the majority of people by the efforts of NAgers will be withdrawn from True Bible, and when the nation of Israel will be somehow neutralized: either politically powerless at the occupation by UN armies, or spiritually powerless at complete transformation to the NA mentality. Today you can observe the pressure from all fronts: many Christians take a great interest in the ideas of NA; the appeals to the international intervention in the Palestine-Israeli war become frequent, where Israel by mass media is presented as an aggressor; by the efforts the missioners of NA the basic part of the population of Israel is covered with interest to the Devil doctrine of Cabbala, which supports the goals of NA.

The purposes of NA serve hundreds of international organizations: all Mason Lodges, churches of NA, medical associations, industry of entertainments, organization such as Greenpeace and Club of Rome, political organizations, among which there is UN with its branches. 


The symbol of NA not much differs from a Mason symbol.

In Christian churches gears up «universal movement»: striving for deleting borders between Catholic, orthodox and protestant churches. After the terrorist act on the 11th of September in New York (as it was thought carried out by the Muslims), the American diplomat, former President of General Assembly UN and the Security Council Charles Habib Malik at the lecture in Harvard said: “The only hope for western world is in union of Catholic church, which is most influential... in Europe, and East Orthodox church. Rome should be united with east conformists, because East Orthodox church operates western Near East, and if they will not strengthen the control, Islam will march through Europe. Islam is politics. The only hope of western world is then in union of Europe under the control the Pope. And then all Christians – protestants around the world must enter the submission to the Pope, so we shall have the incorporated Christian world ”.  

The churches of the European Union are included into submission to the Pope. On the 2nd of June, 2002 in the Windsor Castle at the presence of the Queen a historical document legalized the transition of churches of England under the control of Rome was signed. Having recognized Catholicism the Christian churches easily will recognize NA.

A set of various churches of NA, such as incorporated church headed by a Korean, Reverend Sun Myung Moon appeared. The churches teach that God is the god of love, and with second coming of Christ nothing terrible will happen: everyone will be saved; Jesus had probably already been born somewhere and waits, when God will order him to begin the mission; God wants, that all people should be united in their belief in him and so on  such nonsense when the Bible is intentionally interpreted deformed with the purpose to adjust the Christian doctrine under the principles of NA. 

To disqualify the work missionaries Universal Life Church was created in California, which through the website www.ulc.org  for 5 US dollars gives out the certificate allowing to preach anyone of any country who wish, not asking even, what the new made priest is going to preach. This is my certificate , which I received after I  spent only 3 minutes in the Internet.
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