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The NA includes many international organizations, which are 
created to solve the problems of the planetary level
. Among 
the Club of Rome is the most famous which was found 
in 1968 with the purpose of establishment of the New World 
order by 2000. The club has united the Mason elite, scientists
and sociologists connected with the problems of planning of 
the future, and different sorts of famous globalists and 

As the member of Club of Rome Mikhail Gorbachev in 1995 in 
San Francisco, at the conference which was held on means 
of Gorbachev's fund said: “To launch a multi-year process, 
culminating in the year 2000, to articulate the fundamental 
priorities, values and actions necessary to constructively 
shape our common future.... We are in dire need of redefining 
the parameters of our society's economic, social, political and 
spiritual development”. And: “…global progress is now possible 
only through the search of universal agreement in the movement 
to the new world order” (from the speech addressed to UN on 
the 7th of December 1988). 

But, certainly, the main tool of NA is UN, whose management is 
carried out by the Masons. Theoretically only UN can dictate its 
conditions to any country. Today UN has the International bank, 
court and army, i.e. everything that is necessary to accept the 
global government. For strengthening the influence UN carries 
out the global policy of disarmament of all countries. UN wants to 
achieve such condition when the weapon, especially nuclear, will 
be exclusively in the hands «of planetary government», with this 
weapon it will be capable to supervise the whole world.

The devil perfectly understands the importance of UN in the 
establishment of the global government, and Antichrist should 
take the management at it, therefore his attention to all branches 
of this organization is especially appreciable.

In 1975 at UN Staff Recreation Council the Society for Enlightenment 
and Transformation (S.E.A.T) was organized. Its purpose was 
service of the staff of UN, delegates and visitors. At the sessions of 
the Society the meetings with psychologists, psychics, ufologists 
and various sorts of spiritualists were held. However for the last 
10-15 years the orientation of the society has changed a little. At the 
meetings the sessions began to be carried out, on which through 
"channelers", or the «light workers », «the higher spiritual space 
beings» began to transfer their messages to mankind.

In the website http://www.lord-maitreya.org/unitednations.htm you 
can read the report of "lord" Maitreya, in 
- the report of Kryon from «magnetic service», in the website http://www.lightworker.com/articles/unitednations/un052099.htm -
the report of Group

http://www.angelfire.com/ut/branton/sanat.html - - the speech of 
Sanat Kumara.

In http://www.treeofthegoldenlight.com/Main%20Frames.htm  - 
sayings of many spirits.

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