In «the Book of Enoch» (51:9) there is a prophecy that Jesus will come, when copper and lead will lose its significance. For an average man copper is usually associated with a copper coin, and lead - with a bullet. Now there is no country, where copper money would cost anything, and shot-gun with leaden bullets has already lost the meaning of the basic military weapon.

What does the Bible say about how close we are to the end?

 «I’m ….declaring the end from the beginning» (Isa.46:10)


«Surely the Lord GOD will do nothing, but he revealth his secret unto his servants the prophets» (Amos 3:7)

The one fourth of the Bible is focused on prophecies of future. Is counted up, that the Old Testament contains 6641, and New Testament - 1711 predictions.

All prophecies concerning the last events have come true.

The prophecies concerning the end of the world have usually «double meaning», i.e. the prophecy was given about the event, which was urgent for the past, but on some elements it is clear that it also explains the event, which will come true only in future. So, for example: Jerusalem was destroyed twice: by Babylon and Rome, and its third destruction will be in the last days of the world. The prophecies about its destruction are imposed against each other, supplementing each other, and it is difficult to determine about which destruction in particular it is spoken of; therefore even a smallest detail can help. For correct interpretation it is necessary, that all the elements of the puzzle were put in a single unit.       

From all the prophets of the Bible Daniel and John described the events of the end of the world more in detail and we shall consider their prophecies first.

The book of the prophet Daniel was written in about 536 BC and it contains predictions concerning our future.


Please see about the Bible prophecies in another book.

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