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The papacy lost its temporary sovereignty and later in 1870, finally lost the authority: the papal area with the capital of Rome being in the possession of the papacy since 756, as a result of National Liberation movement was included in the structure of the Italian kingdom. The Pope received the authority again together with the independence of the state of Vatican, with Mussolini, in 1929 (In Rev.13:3 it is said that the small horn will be wounded, and then will again restore. He was wounded in 1849 and restored in 1929).

Having counted back 1243 years from 1849AD we receive the 606 AD. The year, when for the first time in the history the Roman Bishop Boniface III achieved from the Emperor Phocas the edition of the decree about the life assignment of a Roman Pope, about the title "Universal Bishop" belonged exclusively to the Bishop of Rome, titles «vicar of Jesus on Earth» and... «Pope»*.

Thus, official "universal" government of the papacy lasted since 606 till 1849 or 1260 (1243) years.

In the prophecy it is said that the small horn (papacy) “shall intend to charge times and law”.  The Catholic Church changed the Laws of the God, having withdrawn the 2nd commandment and having created its own – the 10th one by dividing 9th on a half; it also changed the day of holy Sabbath from Saturday to Sunday. Doesn't anybody have doubts, that the small horn is Roman Catholic Church headed by the papacy? 

Wait and where is the 5th kingdom: the Anglo-American domination? It was in the prophecy about the image, but in the prophecy about animals it is not presented by a separate animal, why?

Did you notice that after «iron legs» "feet" and "toes" contain not any other metal, for example: tin or lead, but the same - iron. They are already made not of pure iron, but with an impurity of clay, but still contain it. It means that the authority of the small horn, the papacy, stretched through 5 empires up to the end of time. England was always under the influence of Vatican, and America was England's colony. England lost its superiority in 1970 together with the colonies. America is practically the most powerful empire today.  But soon we will become the witnesses of the fact how America's power will come to an end and the union of ten, which at first will also be under the influence of Vatican, will come to the power.

The prophecy about 4 animals has double meaning. It also concerns the end of time.  Many people think that the above described animals symbolize the world empires, which play an important role on the world arena at the end of days. From the prophecy it is clear enough, that the 4th animal will be killed just before Jesus' arrival. Daniel also says that after the 4th animal is killed for “speaking great things”, «As concerning the rest of the beasts, they had their dominion taken away» (7:12). This means that these empires will exist up to the end, which we can not say about the Babylon, Mado-Persian and Greek empires.

So, since we have stopped on the 5th empire (legs) - Anglo-American empire, it is necessary to continue calculation from it. The first animal – lion with eagle’s wings - is England and America. Both lion in England and eagle in America are the images, which are traditionally considered to be the symbols of these countries. Daniel says that he saw, how the wings were pulled out. This event happened in 1776, when America had received independence from England. The fact that «heart human was given to it» (i.e. England), obviously, means that: 1) England was the center of Protestantism; 2) from the sanction of Great Britain the Zionist organization opened the Jewish immigration in Palestine in 1922, i.e. promoted the restoration of the state Israel.

It is also possible that the break of relations between the two empires will take place only in the near future, after the fall of the US economy, when England instead of the help in restoration of America will prefer to strengthen the positions in the European Union. And when after active attempts of Vatican to make the Catholicism the uniform religion in the EU non Catholic churches will begin Reformation again.


* The Catholic Encyclopedia - http://www.newadvent.org. The historians sometimes make a mistake, naming Gregory I (in the 90-s of the VIth century) the first Pope because of his authority, which he demonstrated, however his authority was the result of his own imperious nature. Legally the authority of the bishops of the Roman church was fixed and recognized only since 606AD.

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