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the only way

Shroud of Turin 

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Prostitute -the 
false church

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Knights of a Temple 



Blood of Satan 
- Cain

Fallen Angels

Devil creations

Here are dragons

Fairys, Naga...Gods

Are genetic defects - 
price of evolution? 

Another World

Aliens or old gods?


His Name  

How old the mankind?

Book of Daniel

"Revelation" of John

The signs of times 

Mark of the beast

Let me introduce:  Satan

The will of God

Prayer of Jesus




The radar scanning allowed to define the internal structure of the Arc.


In 1985 a six-inch chink was drilled through which the samples of the breed were taken. The strict expert examination of the breed showed that the samples contained various fibers. The research of fibers was carried out by the expert on fibers of the Main National Criminal Laboratory of USA.


The study of their structure showed that the fibers had all the specific characteristics of animal hair of the Feline. One hair belonged to the animal non existing today: it had bright red color. Another kind of fiber was of vegetative origin. And at last, one of the fibers had neither the characteristics of a plant, nor of an animal. The experts agreed that it was artificial!

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