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During the last Supper Judas together with all the apostles received Jesus' blessing, he took wine and bread from Jesus' hands, as His body and blood, but at this time the Satan was sitting inside Judas at the table. Judas was only externally the same at Supper. The Satan inside him spoke and decided for him. Up to the end Judas differed from other apostles in nothing. Even when he came to betray Jesus he said: “Greetings, Rabbi!” and kissed him. He was telling the correct words, he kissed Jesus, as the apostles usually welcomed each other, expressing thus brotherly love, but it was the Satan who supervised his actions.

By giving to the Antichrist and Judas one and the same epithet: “the son of perdition”, the Word of God says that antichrist will be not the Muslim leader, Tibetan holy man or outstanding political figure, but the leader of Christian church. He will say the correct words, will quote the Bible, will declare, that he loves God, but will gradually withdraw people from the truth of the Bible, from the true God. The same as it is done today by the Catholic Church. Antichrist will be the Pope, and he will have such a power that he had some when within 1260 years. He will give the orders about the execution of the “heretics” (Christians - Protestants) the same as he did it earlier. The unique political situation in the world will allow him to supervise the government and will give him an opportunity to demonstrate absolute planetary authority, which the world had not known yet. At first 10 representatives will officially rule the world, but actually he will give the orders to them.

 Later he will displace three representatives: from Europe, Near East, Northern Africa and Russia - i.e. the EU (in the map of the Club of Rome these are the regions number 2, 7 and 5) and will officially begin to represent the interests of the EU. Since that moment the time of his absolute authority will start. Presumably, the Pope will be approximately of the same age, at which Jesus preached to people. And as well as Judas he will be possessed by the Satan, i.e. the true Antichrist will be inside, the appearance will be only the screen, therefore it is said that he will come out from the ground. As well as many representatives of Vatican today, Antichrist will convince people, that “aliens” are also God’s creations and that God loves them, and that we should love them also. 

By the way, the Pope's rank is VICARIUS FILII DEI, that means: “on the place of the Son of God” or “instead of God”, contains the letters, with which Latin numbers are designated also: V or U (in Latin are written equally) = 5, I = 1, C = 100, L = 50, D = 500. The sum of the given numbers in the rank of the Pope gives precisely 666 – the number of the beast.

The conditions will be so difficult; the deceit will be so refined, that nobody will be capable to follow the God's precepts, if he does not have a faith. It will be a test on faith.  «Even so faith, if it hath not works, is dead, being alone» (James 2:17). Everyone living will be the judge to himself, he will choose his destiny by himself: physical or spiritual death. God said that Antichrist will win, and many people, who will not accepted the mark of the beast will be killed. But those who will accept the mark will «The same shall drink of the wine of the wrath of God, which is poured out without mixture into the cup of his indignation; and he shall be tormented with fire and brimstone in the presence of the holy angels, and in the presence of the Lamb» (14:10).  Death in any case. However, those who will accept the mark of the beast will die forever; and those who will refuse to worship it, will be raised from the dead after the 7th trumpet.

Antichrist has 2 horns, which, as well as at the lamb, mean church formations. The 2 horns of the Antichrist are Jesuitism (corrupted Christianity) and the NA worship to the mother of the Earth Gaia. During the government of the antichrist people will be agitated to conduct the war against the demonic forces of the underground world. The whole world will see itself as the force of white magic struggling against the dark forces of the hell. The whole world will meditate, to send the energy, to develop space consciousness and so on, i.e. the world will be possessed. 

To prepare the arrival "of the super-man": the antichrist, the Satan needs to lead all the beliefs of the world in one. If just forbid people to trust in Allah, Buddha, Krishna and others, it is possible to cause indignation of the believers. It is necessary for the Satan, that people themselves understood, that their gods are different forms of the same one God – The Creating cosmic energy, and there is only one embodied god – the Mediator – the New Jesus. By this time people of all countries will already know about God from the Christian missioners, about the fact that the end of the world is close, and, when everyone sees, that the prophecies are coming true, many of them will believe in the existence of the Only God. And then, seeing the improbable miracles, which Antichrist will show, they will believe in the embodied god.   

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