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The missionary organization «The Transformation» distributes video about the transformation of different local communities stuck in sins in rallied Christian organizations due to the acceptance of Jesus. These are just some episodes from these videos.

It happened in a small working settlement in Alaska, where all the youth drank, young families collapsed just after the formation, where there was a very high percentage of suicides. But after the teaching of Jesus had come in those places, everything changed beyond recognition. People became quite different. And there were no tombs of the young suicides any more, the divorces almost disappeared, the old men are very glad and constantly thank Jesus for the help.

Another film is about the improbable events which have happened in one of the small towns of the state Colombia, where the cocaine kings ruled the urban authorities. There was a very high percentage of criminal in the city, it was impossible to come out in the evening. The drugs could be bought everywhere and it was the usual kind of business at schools. The mafia was so strong there, that nobody thought even to contact with them. But a priest from another state arrived there; he organized a church there and began to achieve validity. He was threatened not once, but he wanted to help people. He was killed just at the entrance to the church by a shot from the passing car in the presence of all people, who came on a Sunday service. 

His funeral turned in the manifestation. Another church joined. Thousands of people went to the funeral. The death of this man and the common trouble joined people. They stopped being afraid. There were people from the military department among the demonstrators, they managed to find out from other believers, where the headquarters of the drug-dealers was located, and they took them during their secret assembly. And then people reported, where the others were hidden, and cleaned the city. They organized the groups of the order supervising the city at night. And the city became alive.

And then a pastor was showed. He said that there is no doubt that God had helped with everything. Without His help nobody would manage to change the life of the city. Many people tried to do it before, all by themselves, without addressing God, but unsuccessfully. And he also said that he had never seen so many people in the church. Now he conducts 3 services a day, and the church can not hold all the wishing. They began to conduct the Sunday services at the stadium. And these thousands of people: young, which did not know other way to spend their time, as fights, bad language and narcotic folly, now with the faces clarified, with their hands raised pray with tears on their eyes. Thousands of young souls rose from the ashes. The word of God is alive and solitarily. And such mass returning to God have become possible only recently.

«...For many shall come in my name, saying, I am Christ; and shall deceive many» (Mat. 24:5).   


Earlier the ground for the creation of some devil religion was the occurrence of some "angelic" creature to the elected person* with the purpose of giving some instructions for mankind. Thus though the elected thought himself as elected one, he did not declare, that he is Christ. During the last years we faced the new phenomenon: people began to announce themselves as christs (saviors).

 * As, for example: the apparition of the «archangel Michael» together with "Abraham", "Moses" and "Jesus" to the Prophet Muhammad (www.noblesanctuary.com/HISTORY.html ) put the beginning of the Islamic faith; the apparition of "the Most High", "Jesus", «the angel Morony», "Peter", "James" and "John" to Joseph Smith was in the basis of the organization of the Mormon Church; the occurrences of "Maria" pushed the Catholic church to the greater service to the Satan; since the occurrence of the god Cao Dai to Ngo Van Chieu, the prefect of one of the Vietnamese islands, the religion of Caodeism began, whose adherents preach the necessity of the unity of all religions and worship an idol in the form of an eye similar to the Mason's Allseeing Eye.

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