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So, 7-8 years ago in the streets of the cities of Russia 
young people dressed in white shapeless garments 
appeared - «The White Brotherhood». They spoke about 
the end of the world and distributed the brochures with 
the portrait of their goddess – a young woman asserting 
that she was the real Maria and her child was the real Jesus.

In the British Internet edition "Guardian" for May 24th  , 2002 
the article by Ian Traynor «Jesus of Siberia» 
about the former traffic cop Sergey Torop from the small 
Russian town of
Minusinsk appeared. In 1989 he announced 
himself as Jesus , to be more exact Vissarion Christ. Today he 
has thousands of admirers, who frankly trust that 41-year-old 
Vissarion is reincarnated Jesus from Nazareth, who returned 
to save the world. The author of the article asserts that 
Vissarion «supervises over one of the largest and the most 
remote religious communes on the planet». Trying to attract 
more supporters, Vissarion have visited New York, Germany, 
Netherlands, France and Italy for the last several years. For 
the first time he was invited to Britain, where he is going to 
preach shortly, says the article.

"It's all very complicated," he starts quietly. "But to keep 
things simple, yes, I am Jesus Christ. That which was promised 
must come to pass. And it was promised in Israel 2,000 years 
ago that I would return, that I would come back to finish what 
was started. I am not God. And it is a mistake to see Jesus 
as God. But I am the living word of God the Father. Everything 
that God wants to say, he says through me."

He called his church «Church of the Last Testament». His followers live in the most primitive conditions, eat what the nature gives, try to keep separate from the world, do not 
drink alcohol and do not smoke, decorate their izbas (log cabins) with the portraits of Vissarion-messiah, study 4 
books of his philosophic thoughts in detail, learn his sayings 
by heart, widely celebrate his birthdays, daily gather on the central place of their settlement, which they call «the City of Sun», to the mud circle surrounded by the stones (it’s like 
the druidic Stonehenge in England in the reduced size). In 
the center of the circle there is a carved wooden angel, 
wings outstretched, installed on the symbol of the church: cross inside the circle (as it was said above: cross inside the circle – the standard Satanist symbol). The faithful kneel on short wooden planks, murmur the prayers and sing their hymns.

"Immortality is the unique quality of the human soul, but mankind has to learn how to achieve it, how to live eternally," Vissarion says quietly (someone already promised once: 
«you will not surely die» in a Gen. 3:4. Do you remember 
who he was? The one who always wanted to resemble Jesus... in appearance).

Some followers of the NA think  that Jesus is anyone who directed by the spirit of Maitreya (or other super being) to preach the truths given to them "from above" for saving mankind. Today there are a lot of such jesuses. Just enter 
the site
http://www.spiritweb.org/. One of the known messiahs of the NA, Rona Herman, asserts that in February, 2002 she 
was instructed by «archangel Michael» himself, and he said that mankind needs to think of the Earth, as of the alive partner 
and honor it as goddess Gaea

Others think that Jesus already came under a new name Sananda (p.204) and very soon  he will appear to all people of the Earth from ...TV screens. And he announce that he came 
for establish the kingdom of God on Earth where all nonbelievers who do not believe that he is God will not enter and must be eliminated...  

There are so many so-called «star seeds» are appeared - people so much affected by the Devil, that they consider themselves to be from other stars. They are sure that they 
were thrown to the Earth, they were given surrogate parents, and only now their real relatives from out space in their 
visions opened them that the time has come to begin the execution of their mission on this planet: to prepare mankind for the acceptance of the space brothers. These people consider themselves saviors also.

«Wherefore if they shall say unto you, Behold, he is in the desert; go not forth: behold, he is in the secret chambers; believe it not. For as the lightning cometh out of the east, 
and shineth even unto the west; so shall also
the coming 
of the Son of man be
» (Mat.24:26-27).

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