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Public school system reflects social problems. In the 70-s the test was held among school teachers. Among the questions there was: what main problems exist in the public school? 7 most often answers (placed according to the degree of importance on descending) are given here. 

1. Talking during a lesson; 2. Chewing gum; 3. Making noises; 4. Running in corridors during a break; 5. Breaking the line of structure; 6. Wearing improper clothes; 7. Throwing trash not into the garbage bucket.

In the beginning of the 90-s another test of teachers included the same question, and we notice the significant difference in answers:

1. Drugs using; 2. Alcohol using; 3. Pregnancy; 4. Suicide; 5. Fight; 6. Raping; 7. An arson   (The Omega-Letter, June, 1991).

It’s not a news any longer when the teenagers kill their friends, teachers and even parents.

A family institute falls. According to the information on the census of the population of USA (2001) the number of lonely parents has grown in comparison with 90-s in 72 %. Love leaves families. The 14-year-old mothers, who don’t know, who father of their child is, became an usual phenomenon. They were sure, that love is sex. In the program «Marry a millionaire» beautiful girls promise love to a man who they had never seen before, because of money, thus convincing the youth that love is money. Others make an operation of changing sex, because they think that love is free choice of an attracted partner without any interdictions and restrictions… In Los Angeles clubs "swingers", where family pairs come to exchange the partners for the night, have thousands of members. In Mexico, the country with traditionally strong family traditions, today you will see a set of hotels with hourly tariff created only for short sexual appointments. 1999 National Survey on Canadian Attitudes Towards Nudity showed that 20.5% of households or 6.1 million Canadians have some interest in nudism (http://www.fcn.ca/survey.html).

Today’s children have several fathers or mothers. The apotheosis of chaos in an intimae family relations is, perhaps, the facts unprecedented in the history of mankind before, when nobody can tell who  parents of a child really are. When a sperm is taken from one donor man , a ovule – from another donor woman , it is put into a surrogate mother, and a newborn child is given to another family for education, and as a result - the child already from the birth actually has two fathers and three mothers.

God always warned to stay away from a dead body (Num.19:13, 14, 16), as from dirty one. Today you can see strange interest to dead bodies in an art. Last year in Germany the exposition of death was demonstrated. It attracted ten thousands of visitors.

                                                   page2471.jpg (38099 bytes)

Exposition subjects were not product of the human hands. They were real human corpses, dried up by freezing, covered with plastic pitch and cut up in those awful creations.

In Thailand the most delicate dish is the barbecued ...  baby. They can be bought in beautiful cans ready to eat or raw (in the photo).  

slide0002_image003.jpg (34680 bytes)  slide0004_image007.jpg (31686 bytes) slide0005_image009.jpg (33279 bytes) slide0006_image011.jpg (31677 bytes)

The increase of contacts with “aliens” and increase of birth of indigo Children as a result of such contacts alongside with the propagation of New age are resulted in mass withdrawal from the Bible.  


Besides basic attributes of the affinity of the Last days there exist the secondary signs, which are very important also.

In the Rev. 9:16 it is told about the army attacking Jerusalem after the 6th trumpet:  And the number of the army of the horsemen was two hundred million”. Who could have had such a huge army? In the times of Jesus, probably, all population of the planet was only 200 million people. How could a man for 2000 years predict that the army in 200 million soldiers will be real, because only 50 years ago, when population of the planet was twice as small, it could seem to be a fantasy. There can be only one answer: the prophecy is from God. Today such a huge army is not perceived as a fantasy. The population of countries of Asia grows so quickly, that they can make such  army already today. In India in 1996 there were 620 million people, in 2000 - 1 billion. It is 1/6 population of the planet and these are, basically, boys. China today is 1,25 billion people.

In China, India and Northern Korea there are an obvious skew in sexual balance of population to the part of male sex as result of a wild spread practice of abortion of female fetuses. This unbalance in sex will be tragically finished in some years: millions of men will not have families, so the population will sharply decrease. It means that the events of the last days should be played in the given temporary interval, while these nations have the maximal number.

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