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Rev.16:12 - «And the sixth angel poured out his vial upon the great river Euphrates; and the waterthereof was dried up, that the way of the kings of the east might be prepared».

For the thousands of years the river Euphrates served as a natural barrier, separating Israel from all eastern countries. However recently Turkey has constructed a huge dam Ataturk, and now for the first time in the history it is possible to stop the waters of Euphrates and to drain its channel by simple pressing of the button.

The Israeli Temple Institute  (http://www.templeinstitute.org) recently became the owner of the unique collection: vessels, fixtures and other accessories of the former temple found at the excavation. The people of Israel believe that all these relics managed to be found recently not casually:  God has given them sign for the construction of the Third Temple to use all these subjects in the temple service.

Only several items were absent for the temple services. One of them was the  holy anointing oil. God said that this holy oil should be from generation to generation (Ex.30:31). To the regret of the keepers of the temple laws one of the ingredients of this kind of oil: the tree «cassia» (Ex.30:24) today does not exist anywhere in the world. The only two groves of these trees at the Jerusalem temple were burnt by the Romans in 70AD. However some years ago near the caves of the Dead Sea the Israeli archeologists dug out a clay flask filled with the ancient oil. The scientists confirmed that oil was two thousand years, and it is made of all components described in Exodus.

The people of Israel know that they will be subjected to the important danger from the part of the Muslims, if they will begin the construction of the temple, but they want to build it whatever it cost.


The ashes of the perfect red heifer are necessary to purify the worshipers who went into the Temple to pray (Num.19). Everyone entering the temple without preliminary purity by these ashes should die (Num.19:13). The Jews consider that without the perfect red heifer the Third Temple can not be constructed, and Messiah will not come. The cow required for the ritual of purity should be of the special very rare breed. In 1997 Jews, at last, with the help of the American farmers, managed to bring up the required animal. However after her achievement of the ritually mandated age of sacrifice, white hairs popped out on the tip of her tail. The cow was not recognized as holy. But now she has a successor born in May, 2002 (http://www.templeinstitute.org/current-events/Red Heifer/index.html ), and the rabbis who have examined her declared her ritually acceptable (though she will not be ready for the sacrifice until she is three years). David Landau, the columnist for the Israeli daily Haaretz called the red heifer "a four-legged bomb" that could "set the entire region on fire." 

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