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Concerning the mark of the beast there are many guesses. Some people think that it will be something like tattoos, others consider that it will be a smart card, like a credit card, or an identification document. However in King James Bible (the translation of 1611) is written not «a mark on a hand», but «a mark in a hand» (www.justbible.com ). Therefore I, as well as many others, think that it will be a microchip inserted under the skin, which will allow to control the implanted and to manipulate  them.

The microchip can carry any information about a man and send signals to a satellite. Their wide introduction can be very reasonable, so:

1) In case of any accident doctors won't have to spend precious time to determine a  blood type of the injured; it will be possible to find out the medical record, intolerance to some medicine, home address and phone number, even if the injured is in unconscious;

2) It is possible to locate a stolen or lost child or a dog, a person with serious memory problems or autistic patient who lost his way home;

3) To supervise potential criminals;

4) In case of critical health condition the microchip will send a signal for the help;

5) It is even possible that a car can start and an apartment can be opened only by a certain code inserted into an implanted microchip of its owner;

6) By influencing the certain nervous endings the microchip will prevent a long distance driver from falling asleep while driving;

7) There will be no more disappeared soldiers, the microchip will show not only the exact location of the disappeared, but also his health condition;

8) The microchip can contain the information how much money its owner has on his bank account, all his money operations can also be registered; the implanted shouldn’t worry, that he will forget or lose his money, he shouldn’t worry, that the money can be stolen or taken away etc.

Thus, the microchip, apparently, promises almost no problem future, guarantees a sharp reduction of a various sorts of criminality, and increase of life expectancy, due to early diagnostics of serious diseases at the implanted.

The implantation of microchips has been being practiced on domestic animals as an modernized alternative to branding in the USA for many years already. In the beginning it was VeriChip, it contained only information who possesses the animal. The given information could have been scanned at the distance of about a meter. The enterprise Applied Digital Solutions (ADS) continued the development of VeriChip, and in December, 1999 it received the patent rights on the technology «Digital Angel» (www.digitalangel.net ) - a transceiver in the form of watch. 


It is an original emergency device, where all necessary information from the medical history of the patient is brought in. In the case of critical state of health the patient needs only to press the button, through the satellite the signal is immediately directed to the nearest hospital together with the information about location of the patient, frequency of his pulse, medical records and so on.

For 2002-3 years the development of VeriChip were extended in the field of the purposes of security. The size of the microchip has decreased, the memory has increased. With the purposes of personal safety of the owner of the microchip it is now implanted under the skin. The device turns on electromechanically by moving the muscles and can be activated either by those who have this implant, or by the controlling satellite. The microchip contains the transmitter and the transponder and the charging lithium battery. The battery charged for lifetime by the body heat fluctuations. The aerial sends and accepts signals through a skin. The microchip is so small (about 6 mm), that it can be put insert under the skin without any anesthetic by a special syringe (see the photo).

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