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Today the VeriChip is on sale (www.adsx.com ). Everyone can implant the VeriChip for $ 200 and by paying $ 10 monthly be constantly under the reliable control of « Digital Angel». Hundreds of people in America wait for their turn to be implanted, ADS has already received the orders from governmental and commercial circles of Mexico and Brazil, and experts are expecting large orders from countries, where the frequency of kidnappings has reached menacing sizes  (http://home.iae.nl/users/lightnet/world/mark2.htm ).

However, another kind of microchips – biochip is the most interesting. Similarly to the computer chip, which can execute millions of mathematical actions for a second, biochips can execute thousands of biological reactions, such as decoding genes for some seconds. The researches on the expansion of abilities of the biochip for changing the structure of DNA are conducted. If in the beginning the development of biochips had only bio-medical direction, recently quite a different purpose has appeared: the introduction of the identification mechanisms in the biochip.


Doctor Charles Sanders was the conducting expert in the field of research of initial bio-medical chips, which were implanted in people for medical proposes. Later, when the biochip began to get more and more identification characteristics, Sanders realized that the biochip can very well become the mark of the beast, which the Bible prophesies about, and abandoned the development. He participated in numerous meetings, where were many representatives from CIA and also Henry Kissinger. On that meetings Sanders more than once heard the statements that control over people of the Earth is impossible without identifying each of them at first (www.prolognet.qc.ca/clyde/microchip_and_mark.html). Doctor understood that the elite aspire not just control people, but to have an absolute control, for control not only human actions, but feelings, emotions and consciousness also. And the first step to such control will be the introduction of the mechanism of identification, which any microchip can successfully cope with.

1.5 million dollars were spent on medical researches to establish, on what part of the human body the biochip can work optimum, using temperature fluctuations. It was found out that the best part of the body for the introduction of the chip is the right hand (above the elbow), and if the right hand is absent, the next optimum point for the implantation can be forehead. These are the same points of the body, about which the Bible says as about the places, where the mark of the beast will be placed.

As the expert directly taking part in the creation of the biochip and knowing about its potential opportunities, which can be used for the control people, Doctor Sanders now warn people: at any circumstances not to take the microchip.

 No matter how logical are those, who will be first accept the mark of the beast, convince you to accept the chip and finish with money and other problems, don’t agree! They won’t tell you that the lightest of all metals and  extremely chemically active metal lithium is used in microchips. At any infringement of the glass tube lithium will ooze through the body and will cause the strongest long pain. The deformation of the microchip can be caused by the external extraordinary factors, such, which will immediately follow the first angel's blowing (Rev.8:7). Then severe “loathsome sores” will appear on bodies those who will have the mark of the beast (Rev.16:2).

The microchip will make the private life of the implanted person completely impossible. Everything: where he is, if he sleeps or not, if he is healthy or sick, if he is fed or hungry, indignant or quiet and others, can be on the monitor. Somewhere in the computer a personal file on the implanted constantly will be kept updated.

The biochip BT952000, Doctor Sanders worked with, besides identification and medical functions can carry out a different one: to change the behavior of the implanted. Using chemistry of human emotions, with the help of the biochip it will be possible to supervise emotions of a man. Working like an special internal acupuncture the biochip influences some organs with the purpose of increase or reduction of the development of some hormones. So, for example, increasing the development of adrenaline, the biochip will help the soldier to be fearless. 

Any microchip, already implanted in the man, can be reprogrammed according to the new tasks any time.

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