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Thus a man who accepts the microchip puts his soul in the fatal danger: he at any time can become a puppet in the hands of the criminal government unable to estimate the situation, make an independent decision not capable to resist or think independently. The problem of security, which will be the main reason of his consent on the implantation of the chip, will resolved simply: his security will be equivalent to the security of a puppet in a box of an owner. At the convenient moment the owner will pull the string, the microchip will receive a signal to strengthening or reduction of the development of certain hormones, and everything, that the owner tells, will be maintained with "enthusiasm". This is what the "gods" of this world want to achieve.

Their final purpose is the creation of the uniform world market controlled by the uniform world government, protected by the uniform world army and financially adjustable by the uniform global bank through the only global electronic currency. To unite all people of the world in the one global community they actively erase national, religious and other distinctions, trying to impose their system of values through mass media. For the complete control they want under the pretext of national and world security to introduce the microchip to everyone living on the planet. To connect everyone to one global computer.

Today they prepare the population of the world for acceptance the implantation of the microchip through the introduction of electronic cards, as more convenient and safe alternative to cash. During several decades already such cards were in the wide use in Europe and America, however about 5 years ago electronic cards of new generation appeared using of which do not required a bank account. The microchip placed in these cards provides reliable safety of money operations, allows to make a money transfers through the Internet by special telephone or television devices. So, the electronic cards MONDEX can be used practically in any place of the planet today. The owner of the card MONDEX can receive it in one country and, traveling in other countries, use it automatically translating the payments into the appropriate currency. It is expected, that the cards MONDEX soon will be in the wide use in the European Union. «This is the final stage in becoming a global reality. With MasterCard’s backing, there’s nothing can stop MONDEX from becoming the global standard» - said Robin O’Kelly from MONDEX International.

It is interesting that the name: MONDEX consists of two reduced words: MONETARY and DEXTER. Webster’s Dictionary Encyclopedia Edition defines these words as: monetary - concerning money; Dexter - belonging to someone or located on the right hand.   

The microchips for the electronic cards are produced by the enterprise Motorola – the same manufacturer, which together with Packard Instrument Co. and Moscow Molecular Biology Institute of V.A.Enguelgard recently began the joint development of the biochips for their mass production.

Very soon the idea about the electronic cards will become outdated, because people will understand that the cards do not provide with complete safety: they can be damaged, lost or stolen. The logical decision becomes carrying of the microchip from the card to under the skin. The mark of the beast will not be something extra new and unexpected. Its introduction will be completely logical; therefore many people will accept it. Cash money won’t exist. All the information on the incomes and charges will be placed in the microchip. Coming in the shop, a man will need only to put his hand on the special reading machine, which will show to the cashier, how much money there is on the account of the man. Thus, without the microchip people can neither sell, nor buy. Similar technologies, carrying out only identification functions, already exist.

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