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Number or image of the beast can be an innocent on the first sight symbol, which many Christians accept as the symbol of Trinity: Father, Son and Holy Spirit. It now occurs on many new editions of the Bible, and the Bibles having this symbol are corrupted, i.e. are reduced or have divergences with the initial translation from Hebrew and Greek.

                                                                     NIV252.jpg (4875 bytes)

In the photo: the new edition of the King James Bible. As it was told above, the translation of 1611 by king James was considered by many generations of the Christians, and is still considered, as the most authentic. But today someone needed to change it. The new version of the King James Bible is corrupted and also has this strange symbol.

First of all, we know that God forbade us to make any religious images (2 commandment). The Christian belief is based on sincerity, openness, simplicity and trust. The symbols assume presence of some secret latent meaning, clear only to the devoted. Therefore symbols are so popular in all secret societies and witchcraft.

Many people are not even confused that the same symbol is used as logo by the  Heavy metal groups, members of which are hardly involved in Satanism; and NA institute, one of purposes which is “to reach the internal holiness” (www.itp.edu/about/tp.html) (see. Gen. 3:5 “you will be like God”).

 zeppelin253.gif (2444 bytes)           transp253.gif (5369 bytes)

The given symbol has an ancient history. It can be seen on Taro cards, on witchcraft books (in the photo at the left the symbol is allocated with yellow circle and is shown in increase) 

         Taro253.jpg (7933 bytes)       Bookshadow253.jpg (5106 bytes)  Craft253.jpg (10143 bytes) 

and on pagan ornaments. 

                                                     neclkaces253.jpg (18624 bytes)

In the picture you can see three 6-s, or number of the beast: 666 in the given symbol.

                                                      666253.gif (1856 bytes)

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