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The number of the beast can be the bar code similar to that we see on many goods in stores. It is as an invisible tattoo can be put on the skin. The given method for verifying the human identity during the electronic sale transactions was patented by Thomas W. Heeter in1996. The number of the patent is 5,878,155. The description of the invention can be found on the official website of the Patent office of the USA - http://www.uspto.gov. The shaped code is interesting because the number 666 (see www.av1611.org/666/patent1.html) is hidden in it.                                                                                                                                                                   BarCode2.gif (2505 bytes)

Every mark has its numerous meaning except the marks at the beginning, on the middle, and at the end. If we remove all the strokes specified by the numbers, we shall receive the number 666.

                                                   barCode1.png (291 bytes)

The tattoo of the bar code for the identification is much cheaper than microchips.

The mark of the beast can be injections of blood of the “perfect aliens”, without which, under the applications of the NA-members mankind cannot evolutionize into the universe space community. Their blood is unique, and, after getting into the blood of a man, it, as the special virus, by all means will cause changes in the structure of human DNA (see p.135). This, in its turn, will be resulted in the change of behavior of those who will take such an injection: after the injection people will not be same, their consciousness will change, i.e. they will receive «the mark on the forehead».

Nobody can know today what will be the mark of the beast, we can only guess. It is known only, that nobody will receive this mark, if he doesn’t want that. A man will have a choice: to receive the mark or die for the refusing to receive it; either to receive the mark or die of famine later, because without the mark neither food nor medicine will be accessible. But it will be known to everyone that this is the mark of the beast, because only this mark will be obligatory for all the people of the world.

In the Rev.13:14, 15 it is said that Antichrist will make the image of the beast, which will speak and act. Today we already have the first development of such technology. The fantastic new optical holographic technology can make three-dimension  images floating in the air.


The secret governmental laboratories of the advanced countries since the 40-s' work for the creation of the perfect psychotropic weapon, holding their experiments on nothing suspecting peaceful citizens. In 1974 the method of mass hypnosis( http://www.raven1.net/hypno2s.gif)was developed. It was discovered that the powerful microwave pulses at the impact about the human body are capable to create an acoustic wave, and then a man hears the sounds and words as though inside himself. It has the effect of self-hypnosis. 


Even this out-of-date technology is capable to ensure the visibility that the image of the beast speaks. The most convenient mental condition for the acceptance of the hypnotic orders is the condition of mental relaxation. Mass hypnosis at the rock concerts and NA festivals, where people meditate are already put to practice. As a result of similar secret experiments a man can begin to show some attributes of the apparent sincere frustration, which can disappear at the change of location.

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