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Somewhen the Satan was «the anointed cherub that covereth» (Ez.28:14). "Anointed» - means: elected. The name "Lucifer", which God gave him, meant «light bringer»! He was created perfect as well as all angels, but was still cleverer and still more beautiful than rest of them. Instead of accepting the beauty and wisdom given to him as God's grace and being grateful to Him for that, Lucifer had become proud of it. The pride caused dissatisfaction, the feeling of being underestimated and envy. He began to envy the Creator. He decided that only the ability to create distinguishes the Almighty from him, Lucifer. He decided that, as everything is already created, and everything is reproduced by itself, the Creator is not necessary any longer. He had already carried out his own experiments by creating hybrid monsters using God's creations, and he felt as he is a creator also. What for do angels worship God All Mighty? What for do people worship Him? In how is He better than him, Lucifer? The envy caused hatred. This feeling was familiar to nobody among the angels. The heavenly world lived in absolute love and trust to each other. Lucifer decided that the angels do not see what he sees. He thought himself to be all seeing and all realizing. Little by little he began to prepare a spell against God, slander him and his archangels before trustful angels. Thus he became the Devil, i.e. slanderer, and the Satan, i.e. the opponent of God. He announced that everyone worship God for fear and that it is lie, that all creations, created by Him can not exist without His light, and, if the Almighty will give him the Earth into his possession, he will prove, that people, created by Him can perfectly be without His light. The pot raised the banner of struggle against the pot-maker. 

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Many people are perplexed, why God did not destroy Satan at the beginning, when the "lawlessness" was found out in him? The Almighty has absolute wisdom and absolute love, and it is Him only who knows the future. He knew that Satan will lose anyway, but it was not known to the angels. To dispel their doubts, to restore trust and to give chance to come round to those who had believed Satan, He concluded the contract with the Satan. The human family was given back to the Satan for a test: if the Satan manages to withdraw all people from God, the Earth with all its inhabitants will be his - he will become the god of the Earth. But for people had an alternative, whom to prefer in worship: the Satan or God, God specified a condition: that only one bloodline from Adam (the line begins from Seth and  basically was a line of firstborns) will be in His conducting. He will protect it and through it He will give people knowledge about Himself.

But the Satan is called the great liar not in vain, as we already know, having understood that it will be not possible to break the belief of the first people in the Creator even by deceit, he decided to interfere with their nature. So he became the father of Cain. Cain was his successful experiment: apostate. Whispering to angels about the terrestrial, unfamiliar to them pleasures that the fleshy body gives, he managed to seduce some of them. The angels created fleshy bodies and began to enter sexual relations with human women. From these connections women gave birth to giants and to the people, who externally were not distinct from usual people, but had mystical abilities and unusual bravery. The experiment was a success again: all the descendants of the angel-human connections were apostates. God did not interfere: Earth belongs to the Satan under the contract.

Then the Satan decided that for a final victory above the God, it is necessary to make an absolutely small effort: it is only necessary  to change the genetics of the line, elected by God, then all of them will become apostates as well. Certainly, it was necessary to do it very cautiously.  

The Satan’s angels began to enter the women of the elected line, or accepting the shapes of their husbands, or raping them in an unconscious condition, or erasing the violence from their memory. Thus, the Satan encroached on the genetics of all the representatives of the line Seth, even of the son of Noah - Ham. It was the infringement of the contract. God punished the fallen angels for that, delivering  them into chains of darkness up to the Judgment day.

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