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It was decided to begin anew, ęfrom a clean paperĽ, and God sent the Flood. He wanted people to forget that forbidden knowledge, which was brought to them by the angels, knowledge, which would result the human family in self-destruction, long before they could make a fatal choice: to prefer God or devil, long before the first coming of Jesus. God did not make the Flood in advantage to Himself: the number of the righteous survivors was smaller, than the unrighteous after the Flood. Except Noahís family, as we know, Cainís descendants somehow survived the Flood (a possible variant: other Noahís son - Japheth, had Cainís genes, and his wife had the same genes). We known also, that the Flood killed only the flesh of angel-human hybrids, their spirit, as the spirit of the angels, remained immortal. These spirits began to be called demons. The mythology of the countries of the whole world showed that the waters of the Flood didnít kill angel-animal hybrids with the characteristic features of reptiles. Reptiles became the Satanic gods of the born anew mankind. They occupied underground cavities and from time to time occurred on the surface, sometimes accepting human shape, to teach people different sciences, and to satisfy sexual thirst and the thirst for blood.

After the Flood the Satan continued the blasting work in the sky: this time he carried away 1/3 of all the angels. God didnít interfere. God has huge respect for the free will of everyone created by Him. He didnít create robots, programmed on kindness; He created everyone with the ability to choice. Both angel and man have the right to choose: to be with or without Him. The Satan became the master of the world, and some angels believed that he can win the dispute. It was the test on the angels' belief in the Almighty. Some fallen angels and reptoid angel-animal hybrids, having felt the permission in everything began to commit the same sin as before the Flood: they continued to enter sexual relations with a man, though now they did it more cautiously, than before the Flood. Thus the mankind got genetic illnesses.

The Satan worked hard and with the help of demons and reptiles he managed from time to time practically the whole world to follow him, but there was always someone who obstinately and without fear asserted his faith in God (Job). 

If in the beginning God somehow supervised the Earth, helping the elected people to destroy the neighboring Satanic tribes, punishing His people for disobedience and looking that the bloodline of the future Messiah was not polluted with the Satanís genes, after Jesus brought people the knowledge about God, He doesnít interfere with terrestrial businesses, unless his believers asked about it.

When after the baptism in Jordan Jesus left to the desert to test His spirit, the Satan was there. Tempting Jesus he ęshewed unto him all the kingdoms of the world in a moment of time. And the devil said unto him, All this power will I give thee, and the glory of them: for that is delivered unto me; and to whomsoever I will I give itĽ (Luke 4:6). The entire universe is in the authority of the Satan, he felt so confidently, that dared to tempt even God! After the unsuccessful attempt he decided to use another method: to tempt Jesus with the mouth of the person, to whom Jesus trusted more than anyone else. The Satan came into Peter and through him persuaded Jesus to refuse the death (Mat.16:23).  The sacrificial death of Jesus spoiled  the plans of the Satan. Everything fell, daily thousands of people (Acts 2:41) accepted the Good news and gave their hearts back to Jesus.  

If before Jesus time people believed that the Almighty is the God of the Jews, and He helps and loves only them, Jesus opened to them that God loves everyone without exception, that He, Jesus died for everyone, and that through the belief in Him anyone can be saved, and it doesnít make any difference of what tribe he or she is: ęBut in every nation he that feareth him, and worketh righteousness, is accepted with himĽ (Acts.10:35). Seeing the miracles made by Jesus, and fear the Almighty, even many of those who had the Satanís genes, became to believe that Jesus is the Son of God. Always reliable Satanís support: people with not human genes, now came unsteady.

The Satan reacted immediately. He decided to frighten the believers in Jesus and, at first with the hands of the Pharisees, then with the hands of the Roman emperors he began to kill them, crucifying, burning and throwing to beasts. But, despite of it, the Christian belief became stronger. Seeing selflessness of the Christians and their contempt for death, others began to trust the doctrine, which they were carrying.

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