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Then the Satan decided to act in a different way. He decided to create his own church, to give it Christian shape and to lift it up to such tops of authority, that nobody dared to contradict it, and not only for fear of being destroyed, but also because it is difficult to contradict the church, which also recognizes, that Jesus is God, and also asserts that it is the church elected by Jesus. And he destroyed other churches announcing them illegal so real Christians would not run away from under his control. It was a victory. The Satan managed to convince the chiefs of the church, that the Bible was being written and rewritten many times by different people; therefore there are a lot of discrepancies in it. Then he withdrew 2 commandments  from 10, given by God on the mountain Sinai; added pagan Satanist rituals in the church service; announced Jesus as sacred Eucharist cake; created the Satanist goddess from Mary - the nice woman, mother of Jesus, as alternative to worshipping Jesus; but it was not enough. Then he began to burn the Bibles and those who had them by the hands of the church. Having felt the authority and impunity he scoffed at the Christians, subjecting them to the most severe and refined in its cruelty attempts, ruined Christian families, killed those who tried to speak about  God and explain the prophecies to people, and all of this - in the name of Jesus. 

He began violently under fear of death to baptize people of various beliefs in the Christian belief, thus doing so he cause their strong  hostility toward to Christianity in general. However, after he changed his mind and gave them an opportunity to continue to serve their gods in the walls of the Christian church, only if they will call their gods by biblical names. Such strategy brought good fruits: the acceptance "of Christianity" by pagans was much more facilitated. The magic rituals now were held right in the church. The doctrine of Jesus was replaced by traditions. Withdrawn from the Bible, the deceived Christians of the Catholic Church now hold Satanist rituals, thinking, that they serve God.

The Satan again managed to carry away the majority of people with his lie. He knows, that the man loves to learn the unknown, and decided to take the advantage of this inherent curiosity of a man. Again as well as and before the Flood, he inspired man, that there is some secret knowledge, by achieved of it a man can become a god. By this secret knowledge, people can create miracles: move subjects, prophesy, transform stone into gold, communicate with the dead, travel in time and space in a twinkle of an eye, read thoughts on distance, return youth, cause love and others. But it is not as simple as that to find this knowledge. The Satan intentionally made this secret knowledge remote, so that people spent all their life searching for it. 

Very often some part of this secrets deposited in palaces. From Egyptian pharaohs up to English kings the palace nobles were the most informed in magic art. Thus, the secret knowledge became not only secret, but also very prestigious. So secret mason communities were created, whose members became the most outstanding and most influential people of their time. In insuperable aspiration to learn the unknown they made the Satanic blood rituals and called demons. The Satan calculated correctly: outstanding people make the destiny of the countries, and they necessarily will introduce some elements of their belief in the society of the country. Thus the world turned out to be full of mason (more correctly: Satanic) symbolic.

Now the Satan captured everyone: both those who believe in Jesus and those who don’t. With the non-believers it is easier; the main thing is that it was necessary to hold them far away from the Bible. But they were not interested in reading the Bible. They were so engaged in reading numerous magic books, to achieve mysterious mystical power so they had no time on anything else. The Satan sent in their consolation the army of demons, because the so-called «secret knowledge» is nothing but the knowledge of a set of special rituals leading to communicating with them. Demons love rituals and love to destroy the souls of those who perform them. Those who got in their network quickly degrading, at first spiritually, and soon physically as well. The demons in the image of spirits of the dead, devils and invisible or visible seducers and others exhausted the life forces from the unfortunate ones, but the deceived thought that they reached the highest steps of knowledge, that they were on the threshold of the mysterious door in the unknown. The demons inspired the non-believers that the Christian paradise is very boring, there are gray-haired righteous men read books and sing boring songs. The hell on the contrary is the place of fun, drinking-bout and free sex, therefore the non-believers went to the hell not only without resisting, but also by honoring the god of this world. 

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