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The map of the surface of the peninsula shows that for the Jews only one way was possible: to follow the deep narrow gorge named Wadi Watir, which brought them to the only place on the left Egyptian coast of the Gulf of Aquaba capable to contain several million people*.


                                         Pass Wadi Watir.

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                                         The Route of Exodus

The way to north to the Israelites was blocked by the Egyptian military fortress Migdol (Ex. 14:2) (photo below).

To the south from the location of the Jewish people  mountains descend to the water so close that people with carts, children and cattle could not pass there. They couldn’t also turn back, as they were followed by the Egyptian army. 

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God brought them to a place, where He could save them from the pharaoh and show them His glory. 


* According to the Bible there were 603.550 men capable to war among the Jews, not including women, children and old men (Num.2:32) + 8.500 among the Levites (Num.4:48) + «mixed multitude» (Ex.12:38).

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