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The Christian organization gotosimpletruth.com made the video «The Benny Hinn Conspiracy» and «Toronto Blessing Unmasked», where the phenomenon of miracles and spiritual gifts of such “Christian” church was carefully investigated. It is necessary to say that the author herself in the beginning was under the charm of those miracles, which were shown on the stage by the Christian preacher Benny Hinn: the sick got cured by his touch, others began to speak unknown languages, from others dirty spirits came out. He just hypnotized huge audiences. Many people, including the author, thought that Hinn is elected by God to create all these miracles to give the Good news to the entire world. He visited many countries, and everywhere, even in Muslim countries, thousands of people accepted Christianity. The only thing that guarded was that it was not much said about God and His mercy and love. The Bible was explained a little, but many miracles were shown.

Then it turned out that the "cured" during the show felt worse in couple days after it, and some even died; greed "of the gifted" preacher to money and his untidiness in relations with people came out. All this did not match with special God's mission. The members of the above named organization visited several similar Christian shows, not only with Hinn, but also with other well known preachers of the same school. 

With the help of a special sound recording equipment allowing to clear speech sounds from extraneous noise, it was possible to understand what those people spoke about, when «the grace descended» on them, and they began to speak "unknown" languages. Stretching, distorting and breaking off words, passing on whisper, they frequently spoke the whole sentences: «Hail the Satan», «the Satan, give us lots of money», « Oh, Satan, you are master» and others.... and all of this in the Christian audience under the enthusiastic applauses of the spectators.

On the stage a real hysterics was often played. People became possessed; many of them fell on the floor, writhed in convulsion and cried out something inarticulate. One episode just ran into memory. 

A volunteer was invited on the stage, who would like to experience the effect of the “Holy spirit”. There was a woman about  40 years old. She was asked if she could quote the words about love from the Bible (1Cor.13).  The woman did not remember these words. Then the preacher put his hand on her head, and something happened with the woman. She began to twist her head and slowly quote the required words. She twisted her head with such a speed, that it seemed improbable for a man to do such things, especially during for so long time. For the Christian who know the Bible it was absolutely clear, that the spirit inside the woman hated her. Such miracles are shown not by the Holy Spirit, but by the devilish one.

The Satan knows human weak point: love to a miracle, and he hopes to deceive mankind in such a way, that people will think that they serve Jesus, while they will betray Him. The devilish spirit will enter into a man, naming himself Jesus, and through the man he will show different miracles (Luke 11:15). These spirits are much cleverer than a man, and if an average man uses only 1/100 of his brain, the spirits use all 100 % of theirs brain. WITHOUT THE KNOWLEDGE OF THE BIBLE IT WILL BE IMPOSSIBLE TO AVOID A DECEIT.

Now the demonic spirits prepare mankind for the future disasters. Knowing from the Scriptures, that the last days will be connected with various global natural cataclysms, they warn people about them, explaining, that the end of this evolutionary stage has come, and the New age, the New world order can not come without serious planetary changes. They teach that Earth is a living being, Mother Gaea, and today she is so much busy with the cleaning herself from all “malicious” influences, that she can dramatically change her rotation. They teach that a man can be prepared for the future disasters only spiritually, concentrating their thought and energy on the cleaning act of the Earth. Therefore, when the Judgment Day will come, and God will pour his anger as natural disasters many people will think that it is the Mother Gaea clears herself, because the divine spirits had warned us about it. Therefore they will not only repent of their deeds, but on the contrary, will double their efforts in concentration the thought, meditating and calling the spirits. The Revelation 9:20 speaks of it.

Feeling the approach of the outcome, the Satan has pulled out today all his checked up by time ancient methods: from the Babylon mysticism up to oriental techniques. The whole world is covered with it today. TV has made it possible to make interested in occultism practically each inhabitant of the Earth. Through Illuminaties the Satan has pushed on TV everything that he wanted: violence, cynicism, oblivion of God's commandments, deification of authority and money, sex, occult, aliens and propagation of high and carefree style of life. Is there anything on TV left except documentary films about various achievement and advertising of an detergent? 

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