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And some people still think that the world has perverted 
so tragically by itself. Wake up. But people believe that 
there is another dimensions, which can't be researched 
with our senses, but they refuse to believe that angels 
and demons exist in that dimension.

The Satan by cunning has forced the entire world to 
celebrate his holidays, while the holidays established by 
God are in oblivion. People celebrate birthday of the sun 
god, and think that they celebrate birthday of Jesus; they 
celebrate the day of Ishtar, and think that they celebrate 
Passover; they celebrate birthday of the organization 
Illuminati and think that they celebrate the international 
labor day; with inspiration they dress up for the New year 
in the costume of Santa Claus, not guessing at all that he 
is one of the best inventions of the Satan*. All Christians 
of the world traditionally visit churches not in the day, 
established by God, but in the day elected by the devil.

You may think that the word "God" sounds for a Russian 
ear as an ancient title of the Satan: “serpent”  casually. 
The word "monk" not much differs from the word "monkey". 
Why in Russia the word "Sabbath" is forgotten, but its 
equivalent "Shabash" is known for everyone. What does 
the word "shabash" mean? As well as "Sabbath" it  means: 
"rest", but only rest for witches.

No, nothing in this world is casual, and only the revelation 
of God – the Bible, can educate a man what’s happening in 
this world. We mustn’t forget how clever and artful our 
enemy is, how the Satan hates us and dreams to destroy 
all of us, because we are created by  the image of God. 
Soon he will use his last chance to satisfy his drying up 
thirst of human blood and human sufferings. He will enter 
into the Antichrist, and, as earlier by the hands of the Roman 
Catholic Church, but this time by the hands of the Antichrist 
he will kill and torment Christians, to withdraw them from 
God if not by lie than by fear.

It’s difficult for many people to believe that Antichrist (he is 
the false prophet) can win the sympathies of the whole world. 
How can such thing happen? The world saw nothing of the 
kind earlier. The Satan has carried out good preparatory work 
by the creation of international idols of pop-culture, cinema 
and sports. But do you know whom the mass media call the 
most popular man of the world? The Pope. As the prophecies 

You can say: «If the Catholicism is strong basically in the 
countries with a low educational level, the Pope can be popular
in the countries of the Latin America, such as Mexico, Brazil 
or Peru. He can also be popular in Africa and, traditionally in 
Italy. But he will hardly become popular in the countries, where 
the influence of the Protestantism is strong; where the majority 
of people has Bibles and is capable to read and understand the 
Scriptures». Everything said would be quite logical... if the world 
wouldn’t be ruled by the Satan. But he managed to disorient 
even those who have an easy approach to the Bible, books and 
video assisting to understand it. 

Thus on the 26th – 27th of January, 1999 the Pope John Paul II 
made a historical visit to the USA (St. Louis, Missouri). Hundreds 
thousand of Americans gathered from different states to see him. 
About one million people welcomed the train of the Pope in the 
central streets of St. Louis.

Could you expect such a thing from educated in religion areas 
Americans? But it’s not all. The Christian Adventist organization 
Modern Manna (www.modernmanna.com) prepared for the 
historical meeting differently. They issued the book, in which it 
was explained that the Catholic Church does not profess the 
doctrine of Jesus at all. On a cover Maria was represented, and 
consequently the book looked as a Catholic one
(http://www.virginmarybook.com/index2.html). The last 
circumstance allowed them to distribute thousands of these 
books in the hands of the Catholics. 40 people who distributed 
the books, talked to people, trying to explain them their errors. 
The organization made the video, where there were many of their 
dialogues. Some dialogues shocked. Many people of various 
age said that the present Pope is a holy man. Many people hoped 
to receive his blessing; they bought all possible Catholic toys, 
which, as they had been explained, would bring them good luck 
and health. Some people said that the pope is «like God».


* The Satan made up Santa and gave him his own name, having 
rearranged some letters, with the purpose to exchange Jesus on 
him, to withdraw sympathies of people from Jesus to him. Therefore 
Santa occurs during Jesus' birthday, Christmas. Santa has a white 
beard, as God (how it is described in the Revelation), the colors of 
his clothes are white and red –these are the only two colors, which 
Jesus wore (white clothes of the righteousness and red ones, spoiled 
by blood during the Judgment Day); he is eternal, as well as God; he 
sometimes works as a carpenter and loves children, as Jesus; he 
manages the court, as God, deciding, which child is worthy of a good 
gift, and which deserves a worse one; he travels on the sky, as an 
angel; children should asked Santa about gifts, and they will receive 
them only if they believe in him... as in God; But, besides, his house 
is in the north, as well as at the Satan’s (Isa.14:13); his assistants - 
elves and gnomes, as was discussed above, are nothing else but 
devils; he comes into a house, as house-spirit, through the furnace 
and only at night, as well as all evil beings; parents put gifts under 
Ghristmas tree and lie to the children, that the gifts were left by Santa, 
because, where the Satan is, there is always a lie. When children grow 
up, they think that Santa is a fairy tale for children, and Jesus is a fairy 
tale for adults. It's just what the Satan strives for.

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