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Remember, that during 40 years God saved the Egyptian refugees from hungry death in the lifeless desert. Have you ever imagined how much food God gave people every day? Even on the roughest calculations it is not less than 2000 tons of food per day!!! He will not let a righteous man die a hungry death, when he won’t be able either to buy or to sell, not having the mark of the beast. You should only be strong in your faith.

There will be a fatal question before many of us: to bow before the beast or die. It is the question of how strong is our belief in Him. Jesus said: «And fear not them which kill the body, but are not able to kill the soul: but rather fear him which is able to destroy both soul and body in hell.... He that findeth his life shall lose it: and he that loseth his life for my sake shall find it» (Мат.10:28, 39). Those who will die in belief will be resurrected after the 7th trumpet; those who will accept the mark of the beast will tortured in the hell. 

Not so long ago an instructive story about a climber, who in a fatal situation believed not to God but to his own intuition and experience and lost, was placed in the Internet. Many people will chose his tactics and will also lose.

Once, - the sad story begins, - a man who could not live without mountain climbing, went in the mountains in spite of the cautions of weather service. The man was a professional and was sure in his strengths and skills. At first the day was sunny and he, playing, jumped through some dangerous crevices, decided to cross the abyss. As usual he habitually prepared his equipment for the descent into the abyss, fixed the ropes and began his descending. Suddenly, as it had been foreseen by the weather forecasters, the sky became covered with clouds, the abyss became filled with dark rich fog. The climber could distinguish nothing in the distance of an extended hand any longer. His cable was finished, but he did not see the ground yet. How many meters were left? What to do? The climber began to appeal about the help to God. And God had heard him. Appearing before the amazed frozen climber He said: «If you want to be saved, let the rope off!»

«But if I let it off I'll fall and I'll be broken on the stones to death», - protested the climber. 

«If you want to be saved, let off the rope!» 

«My God, I always trusted you! But why do you want my death?! I do not want to die!»

«Let it off!»


And God disappeared.

Couple days later the group of tourists found the climber, frozen to the rope. People could not understand why the climber chose such strange death: his body hung in meter from the bottom of the abyss, where in caves there were warm springs and he could safely wait bad weather to be finished. 

Don’t be afraid to entrust Jesus your life. The Bible tells how once, when Jesus conversed with a crowd of people, there something awful happened: a leper came. The leprosy was the one of the most terrible and infectious illnesses. The man decayed alive, everything suppurated on him: his ears, nose, lips... The lepers under the fear of death were prohibited to come into the city. They lived in a desert. And suddenly such a leper occurs among people! He hears about Jesus, he is attracted by an insuperable desire: «I want to see Jesus!» And he goes. People step aside before him and shout: «Hey, you! Go away! ». They suffice stones and threating. But he is unshakable. The indignant people part and he comes nearer to Jesus through the formed passage, falls in dust to His feet and in tears gives vent to his woe: «My God, if you want, you can clear me. Help me!». It would be possible to expect, that Jesus would a step back from these human ruins, and tell: «Stand up! Be cleared!». But no, he acts in a different way. Jesus makes a step toward to him and puts his hands on the sick head! People scream for horror: «You mustn’t touch the leper!». The Bible says: «Jesus touched him».

No muck is disgusting for Jesus! No grief is too large for Him! He puts His hand on him!.. This is Jesus - miracle of the time. And if now there is a man here avoided by everybody, Jesus puts His hand on him and says: «I have redeemed you, you are mine! ».  If there is someone here, who is tormented by the leprosy of the sin, Jesus puts His hand on him and says: «Be cleared!» In Jesus there is all completeness of Divine love condescends to us, to our trouble, to our sin, to our dirtiness, to our sickness! Jesus is the embodied Word of God.  And people dare say: «Why is God silent?» Didn’t thus God  speak clearly and greatly enough?...

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