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And once they put this Jesus on the cross: they beat His hands and legs with nails. Then they lift the cross. There is a noisy crowd around the cross. Roman solders are pushing people aside. Let's go and join the crowd and stand under the cross also! Look at Him – the Sufferer of Golgotha! His forehead is in blood and wounds, in the mark of mockery it twined all over with a crown of thorns and expresses deep suffering. Look at Him! Ask Him: «Why are you hanging here?» And He will answer: «Because you were guilty before God. Either you will experience this punishment in the hell, or I will pay your debt here. Someone should experience the punishment! I want to do it for you. Henceforth believe in me!»*


We are not the children of God by our nature, but we live in this world to become them. Only the belief in Jesus can make us the children of God (John 1:12). But at first it is necessary to address Jesus with a sincere pray of repentance. Such a pray can be accomplished only when a man will sincerely want to know God, will read the Word of God and listen to the speeches of people of God. Those who haven’t experienced it, I passionately wish, that they experience this remarkable moment. Here is how it was with me.

When I was reading the New Testament I had a strong desire to confess my sins. I remember that I was sitting alone in the chair in the evening, and I became so incomprehensibly ashamed for all my sins, that tears began pouring without ceasing. I asked God -  righteous, pure and loving, to forgive me. I became so intolerably ashamed for everything wrong that I had ever made in my life. I recollected all my sins – everything that I could recollect about my life, beginning with that shiny little angel, which I had taken from somebody’s Christmas tree being a guest when I was five. I felt awfully guilty. I realized what yoke of various sins I drag on myself. And then, then I felt, that I am forgiven (!). It can't be expressed by words, but I understood, that God accepted me, He forgave me. This is a completely remarkable feeling! That I had not experienced before. I thought that it happened only with me. And then in the book I read a story of doctor of biochemistry R. Selvendran **.


*Also there.
**From the book « Scientists Tell About Faith».

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