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Here is how he felt it: «In my memory there is for ever a day, when I stood on my knees and began to pray. I asked God to show His love, asked Him to forgive my sins for the sake of Christ, that He made me one of His children.

There was a miracle: soon after the pray (I prayed absolutely sincerely) I felt the God's love and felt how blinkers which didn’t let me see the truth fell from my eyes.

I do not have words to describe the pleasure overflowing my heart at that moment. Never, never before I had experienced anything of this kind. I knew that God loved me in Christ and made me the beloved son. Since that time reading the Bible became a huge pleasure for me - I could not put it down because of the fascinating pages. It became the Book, in which there is absolute truth. Jesus Christ seemed to inhale new life in me. This miracle struck me so much, that since then I can not stop telling everyone what Jesus made for me. Everything lost its former sense. The only important thing for me became the service to God. He was the most important in everything that I was doing  or speaking». 

Another scientist of mathematics, a woman, thought so: « In the science I constantly have business with pure abstractions, intangible things. But I never doubted, for example, in the properties of the figure 2. If so, why do I doubt the existence of God? Does the circumstance that He is invisible and is intangible prove the contrary? And I decided that I should believe in God and addressed Him with a pray.

And God awarded my searches with the reliance of His existence. This feeling cannot be described by words. It is impossible to explain it, and it is absolutely different from smelling, testing and visual sensations. It probably represents a small particle of  God Himself, which He gives us - spiritually and intellectually – that for us it became so ridiculous to deny the existence of God as it would be denying of our own existence.

Unexpectedly all the bad deeds accomplished by me in life, clearly rose before my eyes as severe prosecutors. For a long time I was thinking whether I will die together with the entire universe when Christ returns? I was very much afraid, that when after death I see  God, He will show me something like a video recording of all my life and will force me to see it, feeling His condemning look on me. At the thought of harm, caused by me, I shuddered, having understood, that it will serve as a reason of my verdict to eternal sufferings. I began to ask God to forgive me, imploring Him to be mercy for the sake of Jesus Christ, Who had died in the name of my rescue. There was a miracle! I again remembered all my life and this time saw that in video recording only good remained. God erased my bad actions from it. I felt that He is somewhere near, absolutely close to me. As if I heard Him thanking me for that good that I had done in my life. And still internally I resisted to that, saying: «It is unfair. In the life I did not only good, but also evil». And then God again pointed to the record, as though saying: «I do not see any evil. Jesus changed the contents of the record». That is why the sufferers died for their belief. As well as me they came to the conclusion that it is silly to deny God only because He is invisible» (from the book “Scientists tell about the faith”).

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