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The father hung up the portrait on the most conspicuous place. Each time, when someone visited him, he at first showed them the portrait of his son, and only later – the collection of the famous pictures.

Several months later the old man died, and the large auction of his pictures was announced. Many influential people gathered, exited by the opportunity to buy some for their collections. On the platform there was a picture of the son. The auctioneer knocked with a hammer: «We shall begin the auction with this picture of the son. Who will offer the price for this picture?» From behind someone cried out: «We want to see famous pictures! Miss this one!» But the auctioneer persisted: «What offers there will be for this picture? Who will begin the offering ? $ 100, $ 200?!»

Another voice cried out angrily: «We came here not to see this painting. We came to see Van Gogh,  Rembrandt. Give the real offers!» But nevertheless the auctioneer continued: “The Son”! “The son!” Who will take “The Son?” 

At last from the very back part of the room there was a voice. It was an old gardener of the man and his son. He shouted: «I will give $ 10 for the picture!» Being poor, it was everything that he could afford.

- «We have $ 10, who will offer 20?» 

- «Give it to him for $ 10! Let's to watch the masters!»

- «$ 10 is an offer, won't anybody offer $ 20?»

The crowd began to become angry. They did not want the picture of the son. They wanted more worthy investments for their collections. The auctioneer knocked with a hammer: «$ 10- one, $ 10 - two, $ 10 - three. Is sold for $ 10!»

The man sitting in the second row impatiently cried: «Well, now let's, at last, begin the collection!» The auctioneer put the hammer: «I’m sorry, the auction is completed».

- «And what about other pictures?!»

- «I regret. When I was called to carry out this auction, the desire of the dead was told me. According to the agreement I could not divulge it up to this moment. Only the picture of the son was on auction. Who would buy this picture would inherit the complete collection, including all pictures. The man, who took “The Son”, gets it all».

The God gave us His Son 2,000 years ago, that He died on the cross for us. Similarly to the offer of the auctioneer His message today is: the son, Son, who will take Son? As you see, who takes the Son - get everything.                

 Will you take the Son? Will you be able to remain righteous to him, having undergone all the sneers and mockeries of the world? The same as He remained righteous to you up to the end. If you want it, God has a Plan for you. Everything that God promised through the prophets He executed in accuracy. We haven’t the slightest doubt that God will change His promise given to mankind: the righteous will live happily in the world of God forever, not knowing grief, illnesses, death, problems and disappointments.

But «the kingdom of heaven suffereth violence, and the violent take it by force» (Mat.11:12). «He who endures to the end» will receive everything.  


There are only two doors and it is necessary to choose the right one. To win the right to fly up or to fell into the garbage heap – it is your choice.

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