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                             THE MOUNTAIN SINAI

 The place, where God gave stone tablets with commandments on it and laws for people to Moses.

Having studied the Scriptures and having analyzed the route of the Jews after the crossing of Red Sea, the researchers came to the conclusion, that the mountain Sinai can not be situated on the Sinai Peninsula (the territory of Egypt), as it was customary to consider, but it can be situated in Saudi Arabia (Gal.4:25). When God was telling Moses from the burning bush that Moses will help Israeli people to escape from the Egyptian slavery, He said: «When thou hast brought forth the people out of Egypt, ye shall serve God upon this mountain» (Ex.3:12). In that time Moses was in the land of Median, and it is said that he left with the herd of his father-in-law far in desert.

Ron was sure that only one mountain in this area could be the mountain Sinai, it is the mountain Djebel el Loz. Firstly, the mountain is surrounded by desert, there is a convenient platform for rest of several million people around it, and, at last, in 10 miles from the mountain the city Al-Bad is located which could be the residence of Moses’ father-in-law.


 Ron had been waiting 4 and a half years when the embassy of Saudi Arabia gave him the visa to enter to the country to foud out if his  conclusions about the mountain is correct. He didn’t get the visa and  in 1984 with his sons crossed the border illegally, (that in consequence served as the reason of their arrest). Everything that they saw confirmed Ron’s guesses. In the beginning the sight of the mountain struck them: the entire mountain was of red granite and the top of the mountain was black. As Bible told that God went there and the mountain «was smoking» from His presence.


Besides that huge platform near the mountain is cleared from stones, and the stones are combined in special borders, the researchers found out the ancient stonework, which, as is supposed, was the altar, constructed by Moses (Eх.24:4)

 At the basis of the mountain the stones with images of bull dating 4 thousand years old were found, and the historians proved, that for those places the images of calf or bull are not typical. But they are absolutely typical for ancient Egypt. These images confirm that it is the place, where the Jews, tired to wait for Moses’ returning from the mountain, built golden calf and the altar for him and began to give him honors as to the god.

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