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But the most important find is the Ark of the Covenant - Holy of Holiest.

When God on the mountain Sinai gave Moses the tablets he told Moses to make the Arc for them and to carry it always in generations for centuries as the memory of this event. Only the sons from the tribe of Levi - the Levites-priests, had the right to carry the Arc of the Covenant *. Wherever people went, the Arc followed ahead **.


Jeremiah, predicting to Jewish people the Babylon invasion and captivity, said that the Ark of the Covenant will disappear «neither shall it come to mind: neither shall they remember it; nor shall they visit it; as shall that be done any more» (Jer. 3:16). Where did the Arc disappear?                                      

At the end of the 70-s Ron’s expeditions investigated the vicinities of Jerusalem. Ron tells that when he with the Jerusalem historian passed Jeremiah Grotto he said: «Here, in Jeremiah Grotto, is Ark of the Covenant». Ron said that he never before was interested in the Ark of the Covenant and didn’t know much about it, and that these words were said as though against his will. When he said it he reflected, why he had told that. He understood that it is the instruction of God: to search here. He left to home for study of the historical documents - everything, that could somehow give the information about the Arc and returned to Jerusalem with the next expedition. He spent about 10 years researching the Grotto.

The Grotto represents an ancient mine formed as a result of the removing of stones for the construction of the temple. Since the mine was prolonged beyond of city walls, this system of underground courses for the prevention of penetration of the enemy spies was kept in strict secret. Ron and his sons and a small group of friends investigated the catacombs sometimes squeezing through narrow holes. And, at last, Ron found a cave where under stones, skins and wood he found a table with golden bowls, candlesticks and some other attributes of the temple service which were exposed before the Arc in tabernacle. Ron began to search there. The cave was filled up almost the vault and it was possible to move on it only climbing on stomach. In the distant end of the cave Ron found out the stone sarcophagus with broken cover. Ron assumed that there was the Arc in it. The distance from the top of the sarcophagus to the ceiling was only 10-20 centimeters; therefore it was very difficult to photograph the Arc. The photos failed: all the films were either lighted, or erased.


In his fourth visiting of the cave he took an 8- millimeter video camera and support, having decided to receive, at last, the clear image of the Arc.

Since he always made the way to the cave over the same pass, this time he noticed something strange. The pass was cleared of stones, and he was capable to pass to the cave without any obstacles. In the cave Ron saw light and with a surprise found out, that cave was completely cleared of all stones and blockages. Ron knew that the work on clearing the cave could take a lot of time and efforts. And then Ron saw the Ark of the Covenant, which was withdrawn from the sarcophagus.


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