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Some years ago the researches of Jesus’ blood were carried out by the American scientist Mason under newest micron microscope. 

Here is stunning news! When Ron was telling this he cried. All people have 46 chromosomes. 23- “X” chromosomes from the mother, and 23 “X” or “Y” - from the father. Fatherly “X” and “Y” chromosomes determine the sex of the child. Only one “Y” chromosome among fatherly ones is enough for child to be a male.

In Jesus’ blood there were 24 chromosomes!!! 23 – Motherly and 1- that made him a male. All these data are confirmed. At the conference, where Ron reported the video with the detailed analyses of Jesus’ blood was sold. These analyses were carried out by the Israel medical institute, they also made the video of it.

God helped Ron Wyatt to make all these remarkable discoveries, that we, as last generation before the Great Judgment, turn to God and ceased to sin. That we understood, that everything is in God’s authority: He can make the sea part for the righteous, burn out the city of sinners and accept human shape, having been born from the virgin. Ron’s finds is a reminder to us to wake up from the spiritual hibernation. The volume of the book does not allow to give all the details of his discoveries, you can read about it on websites http://www.anchorstone.com/, http://wyattmuseum.com/ http://www.wyattarchaeology.com/   and many others what you can find through search programs.

I am always surprised that the news like: how many cosmetic operations Michael Jackson made, or how many lovers Madonna has, are chewed slowly, with pleasure. And the news, concerning discoveries, allowing to understand better and to believe in the truthfulness of the Bible, always pass practically unnoticed: an article just appears and disappears at ones. Or is printed in some scientific edition under the section «Scientific curiosity», that means: they recognize the fact of such discovery, but they are afraid to agree with the conclusions, which by all means confirm the reality of God. But remember: Noah’s Arc had been built by dilettantes, "Titanic" – by professionals. «For the wisdom of their wise men shall perish, and the understanding of their prudent men shall be hid”  (Isa.29:14)....

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