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The perfect uniqueness of the position of the Earth to the Sun, to the Moon, the speed of its self-rotations and rotations  around the Sun, etc., all these proves that  our planet was created for human`s life.

Such a high organization could not arise from chaos. There should be a reasonable force, which has created it. One manufacturer, when he was asked, why he believed in God, explained, that at his factory two days were required, for a working woman to learn how to join together 17 parts of a meat grinder “ I am an ordinary manufacturer of the knife goods, he said, but I know, that it is possible to shake these 17 parts of the meat grinder in the pan  during the following 17 billions years, but from this we will never get a meat grinder”. The universe is much more complex than a meat grinder.

Today scientists of geophysics agree, that the sequence of creation of the world stated in the Bible, is a brief schematically - figurative explanation of the theory of the origin of the Earth. So the noted geologist Wallace Pratt commented on this case: « If I as a geologist were called  upon to explain briefly our modern ideas of the origin of the earth and the development of the life on it to ordinary pastoral people, to whom the Book of Genesis was addressed, I could hardly do it better than it`s stated in the first chapter of the Book of Genesis » *.

The astronomer Edwin Hubble has proved, that the Universe is expanding, and that it has its own beginning (The Bible also speak about it: « At the beginning (not - at first)  God created the heaven and the earth…»).It means, the Earth had its own beginning, and life on it and such a magnitude as time had its own beginning.  The scientists trace the age of planets according to the  age of craters and to the contents of uranium, which in due course disappears and is not restored. The older the planet is, the less the contents of uranium is. It was determined that  the Earth was 4.7 billion years, the Sun was 5 billion years. This circumstance lead many Christians to the dead-end: they see the contradiction between the science and the Bible. But is it really so?

 By no means it is not. When the Earth was in process of its creation there were no sun no moon and actually no time how we know it. The days of creation were estimated not by 24 hours terrestrial time but by some space time, so first days of the creation are space days and we will never find out how God counted that days .

We should only believe the Bible is right and wait when the next scientist - atheist, in the long run will prove some Bible true from the scientific point of view. The Bible always was and will be right in everything. So, for example, for thousand years people were inventing many things to explain an origin of light of the moon and stars. And Enoch ** 4500 years ago said that the light of the moon comes from the Sun (77:12). Up to the XV-th century people thought that the Earth  was flat and stood on 3 whales, 3 elephants, on a huge turtle, etc.,  people of India thought, that the Earth was a half of a crocodile. But 2700 years ago the prophet  Isaiah said that God is “sitting  above the circle of the earth » (40:22). 

It is said in the Bible:  «And the Lord God formed man of the dust of the ground» (Gen.2:7). And now we  know, that in the  human body  there is no element, which would not be in “ the dust of the ground».

D.Mendeleyev`s periodic table of the elements – an absolute confirmation that all elements of the Earth have not arisen from chaos, but were created by a reasonable force - by God. Look at the table: number 1 - Hydrogen, 2 - Helium, 3 – Lithium, 4 – Beryllium etc. The nuclear weight of each element is unique. When the scientists found new elements, they simply filled up empty cells. 105 elements are known now and if any new element will be opened it will have a nuclear weight - 106.

So the Universe from  the space heights up to  the smallest nuclear  parts finds out surprising harmony and order. Can it be the result of an accident ?

The variety of life on the Earth depends on the team work between nucleic acids (DNA or RNA) and protein  molecules. Their various combinations make a perfect mosaic of life of the planet.


*“ Is There a Creator Who Cares About You?”, Watch Tower.

** About the book of Enoch  in the chapter « Fallen angels ».

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