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But how did the life itself appear ? Let's leave the theory of the origin of life on the Earth from any  extraterrestrial intrusions, as that which do not answer the question: how did life itself appear ?To be more exact, how did from the scientific point of view from nonliving matter appear living one?

In 1864 the experiments of Louis Pasteur* proved the  impossibility of reproduction of life by a lifeless matter. However in 1920 the theory of the Russian scientific biochemist Alexander Oparin became popular. It followed from this theory that the primary elements of the earth transformed into a group of molecules  under the influence of a specific initial atmosphere, then - in larger molecules and at last - in the first alive cell. Then these elementary molecular forms were washed off in an ocean, where with the course of time, they joined with sugars, acids and other components and formed proteins, DNA.

In the middle of the 50th scientist Stanley Miller decided to check up the correctness of Oparin`s theory. He made a laboratory experiment simulating an atmosphere of a newborn planet. As a result of it a reddish deposit was received which as Miller defined was rich of amino acids -the basis of protein. Thus the theory proved the origin of life from lifeless substances**. After Miller`s experiment other scientists unsuccessfully tried to make proteins and DNA from the synthesized amino acids. Later it was proved that from known 100 amino acids only 20 play the main role in the construction of proteins and these two kinds of amino acids should be in the certain proportion to each other otherwise proteins will not be formed therefore it was impossible to get it during experiments. To make it clearer : the whole complex of New York is less complicated than the device of the simplest microscopic cell. The chance for an appropriate combination of molecules in amino acids, and then in proteins with the properties of life as a result of an accident - is absolutely impossible. And for the scientists –atheists the question on the origin of life remains a puzzle.

 The Bible says that God « created everything what is on the ground and under the ground all what is visible and invisible... » (Col.1:16). There are many people who ask a question, how  were all the things created from nothing? In XVIII century the scientist Antoine-Laurent Lavoisier  proposed a law –conservation of mass or matter according to which any substance never loses its weight. In 1920 Encyclopedia Britannica explained it in such a way: « a matter can neither be created nor destroyed ». For example, the weight of ashes and gases received after burning a paper in oxygen  will be the same, as the sum of the initial weight of the paper and oxygen.

However the experiments with nuclear explosions showed that during an explosion of supercritical mass of uranium different types of matter form but their combined mass is less than that of the original uranium. Why the loss? It is because some of the mass of the uranium was converted into an awesome flash of energy. So, each second in the sun approximately 564 million tons of Hydrogen turn into 560 million tons of Helium .This means that  4 million tons of matter are transformed into solar energy.

The return process, i.e. the transformation of energy into a matter is also possible. The World Book Encyclopedia explains: «Energy changes into matter when subatomic particles collide at high speeds and create new heavier particles ». The scientists have already reproduced the given experiment in some limited scale using  huge machines named “ as accelerators of particles ”.   «We’re repeating  one of the miracles of the universe – transforming  energy into matter », - explained Nobel laureate, physicist  Dr. Carlo Rubbia.

Now it is not difficult to understand how Creator –the source of inexhaustible energy – created life on the Earth from "nothing".


*Word"pasteurization" came from his name.

** Many scientiests did not accept the Miller’s theory, so professor of Biology Lynn Margulis wrote on this occasion: « a step  from a bacterium to a man is  lesser than a step  from a mixture of amino acids to that bacterium ».

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