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P 37

Many scientists due to a science became believers. So Boris Dotsenko, the head of the  laboratory of nuclear researches of the Kiev Institute of Physics *, saying how he came to belief , explained a very interesting physical law of entropy (about possible behavior of particles (molecules, atoms, electrons, etc.) in any physical system). This law asserts that any closed physical system aim at thermal balance, and the substance in it becomes more and more unregulated. One of the consequences of this law is that all the material world  should have turned into a shapeless cloud of dust. « Suddenly-,  says Dotsenko, - it struck me that there should be an extremely  powerful organizing force, which resists the increasing chaos, keeping the established order in the universe. This force should be non-material, otherwise it would be unregulated also. Therefore I came to conclusion, that this force should be not only powerful, but also omniscient. And then I understood that God exists, that He is unique, and that He rules everything». 

In recent  years the scientists have  carefully studied human genes. The genes carry hereditary information and supervise the formation of proteins. Without them the formation of proteins, that is our life, would be impossible. The famous professor of genealogy of the institute of dendrology of the Polish academy of sciences Maciej Giertych said: « We have become aware of the massive information contained in the genes. There is no known way to  science how that  information can arise spontaneously. It requires an intelligence. It can not arise from chance events...  complex DNA, RNA, protein replicating system in the cell must have been  perfect from the very start. If not, life systems could not exist. The only logical explanation is that this vast quantity of  information came from an intelligence » **.

The scientists do not cease admiring by the work of a human brain holding improbable quantity of  information, capable to compare, to analyze, to dream. You see, if a man is just the result of a casual grouping  of nucleic acids and  of protein molecules, why then these molecules have developed in him love to painting and music, poetry and all perfect art, have developed in him religious feelings and imagination. You see,  it could not appear simply due to natural selection. These qualities have no practical value for a survival. Whether more pertinently to assume, that these qualities were given to us by the Creator, as to His creations made by Him in His own image.

Comparing the samples of human genes from from different parts of the world  the scientists defined that all people had a common primogenitor or one source of DNA for all ever lived and living people. In 1988 "Newsweek" magazine presented those facts in the article entitled  « The Search for Adam and Eve ». Those researches were based on the type of mitochondrial DNA, the genetic material passed through a female. In 1995 during the research of male`s DNA the scientists came to the same conclusion – that “there was an primogenitor  who was named as Adam, whose genetic material on the {Y} – chromosome was common to every man on the Earth”.

But even realizing the fact that the alive matter was not created by itself from lifeless substances, that all people have common primogenitors, even realizing all uniqueness of a human brain, emotions, abilities, many people still believe, that the man came from the lowest essences due to evolution.


*A. Barret, D. Fisher « The scientists speak about faith ».
** “Is There a Creator Who Cares About You?”, Watch Tower.

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