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One of the pagan  concepts of Cabbalah is  - the sacred of sex , is borrowed from some pagan religions, where the sky usually had a man's beginning, and the earth – female’s.. All old pagan cults of fertility supported this doctrine. Cabbalas adopted it  explaining, that  while creating  the Earth God separated water under the firmament (i.e. under the sky) and water above the firmament (i.e.above the sky) (Gen. 1:7), those waters had both  male’s and female’s beginning, and their union provided the occurrence of life on the earth. As you see, Cabbalah’s doctrines have noting in common with the doctrines of the Bible.

In the second century it was still possible to distinguish in Cabbalah doctrine the traditional Jewish statement that there was only one God. Unlike pagan religions, where there was a concept that all the things – are God, you and I, and that tree is the God, cabbalas taught that God was above the Universe, and if you  destroyed the whole world, you would not destroy a part of God. God shown himself in such a way in Holy Scriptures, which said that God sees and hears, that He  has compassion and mercy. Paganism rejects it. For example, in hinduism it is considered that the God is too far to hear the man and to help him, for this purpose there are "«smaller" gods, or "«essences - intermediaries". This doctrine  penetrated in Cabbalah  that promoted its formation in more refined kind  of the Satan's doctrine. Cabbalas teach to prey for any help to spirits and angels and affirm  that all God's acts described in Bible were done in fact  by the angel Metatron whom they invert. This is absolute blasphemy.

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