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Many Jews who were afraid of God acted against spreading 
of Cabbalah. Firstly it was against the law to study Cabbalah 
up to 40 years old age. However in the course of time this 
satan`s doctrine being as cancer tumor expanded faster and 
faster and found a lot of adherents until it became the part of 
Jewish culture and disposition, ideological basis of Zionism

On the flag of the State of Israel  
there so-called
Star of David is depicted.                     

It is the symbol which has been used in Cabbalah`s practice 
since the ancient times

The six- pointed star consists of two triangles: the one which 
is inverted up means male`s beginning, the other inverted down – 
female`s. Wizard David J. Meyer « Dancing With Demons: The 
Music’s Real Master » said : "When the male triangle penetrates 
through the female triangle it forms six crest of Solomon or a 
hexagram which is the most powerful symbol in witchcraft".

In the picture below there is the same symbol on the Tibetan carpet of

This is the star of the Egyptian god Remphan (Saturn). 
And the Bible says
: «You took up the tabernacle of 
Moloch, and the star of your god Remphan, figures 
which you made to worship them: and I will carry you 
away beyond Babylon...
» (Acts 7:43, Amos 5:26-27).                                         

In Egyptian mythology there was the first god-man Horus, who 
after  his death  revived and began to be called as "«Amsu". The 
six-pointed star was the first  sign of hieroglyph ("Amsu") and 
was also the sign of hieroglyph of the « land of souls ».

The present flag was accepted by the first Congress of Zionists 
in Basel in 1897 and began to be perceived by the Jewish 
communities all over the world as the emblem of Zionism *. They 
saw their main task in  restoration of the state Israel and 
returning of the Jews from all the parts of the world to the land of 
their ancestors.

In 1922. Great Britain gave to the world organization of Zionists 
the mandate on management of the Jewish immigration to 
Palestine. This emigration was financed basically by the 
American Jews.

May 14, 1948 the state Israel was founded The organization of 
Zionists continued to support the Jewish emigration to Israel.

In 1970 the World organization of Zionists helped the  the Soviet 
Jews in emigration to Israel. The Jewish emigrants from atheistic 
USSR brought
socialist views, partially religious and  made a 
significant part of the population of Israel.  

November 10, 1975 the General Assembly UNO by the Decision 
N 3379 of the General Assembley of the UNO Zionism was 
declared to be racialism..     If in the beginning Zionism was the 
expression of  the desire of Jewish people to prepare a way for 
Messiah promised in the Bible, i.e. to restore Israel on its real  
native land, then Zionism turned into racial organization where 
non Jewish people are considered to be people “of the second 
kind”. And here we see the direct Cabbalah’s influence. 

Cabbalas think that  humankind can be divided into 2 parts: the 
Jews and non-Jews. The Jewish people are appointed by God to 
be the First in understanding the laws of the Universe in order to 
give this knowledge to other people. That’s why they say  there 
are many talented physicians, mathematicians, doctors among  
Jews. All the Jews carry collective responsibility for all what 
happens in the world. They are the selected nation. And only they 
can create the links between the humankind and the Creator.


* Named after Zion hill , where the Jerusalem temple was located.

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