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All the space around is occupied by Islam constructions. It is supposed that David’s temple was situated somewhere between the mosque Al Aksa and the Muslim temple Dome of the Rock, which were built in the 7th century  (http://www.noblesanctuary.com/DOME.HTML).


In the photo: to the right -  a gold dome of the temple  Dome of the Rock, to the left – a lengthened Grey building with a dome – the mosque  Al Aksa, in front of is Western wall.

In several prophecies about the end of the days the third Jerusalem temple is mentioned (Ezek.47,48; Zech.14:20; 2Thes.2:3; Dan.11:31), And many Christians  believe that the Judgment Day  will come soon after the construction of the temple or even before the finishing of its construction. And if Cabbalas believe that the restoration of the temple will bring peace, Christians  on the contrary are convinced  in the coming Great conflict which Israel hasn't known before.

As it has been mentioned the sacred place for the Jews is also the sacred place for the Muslims. The Muslims believe that in 610 Mohammed was brought here by the white-winged beast and archangel Gabriel gave him a sacred revelation. And the Dome of the Rock was built in honor of the fact that in this place Abraham was going to sacrifice his son Ishmael who was born from a servant and who later became the ancestor of Muslim nation. Though 2100 years before the foundation of Islam religion it was clearly said in the Bible that Abraham was going to sacrifice not Ishmael but his legal son Isaac, who became the ancestor of the Jews. Satan deliberately made the sacred place of the Jewish people holly for the Muslims also. He wanted these two nations of different religions but one the same ancestor- Abraham – to be enemies.


 According to the law of the Jewish temple all the place around it should be cleaned from other constructions (Ezek.43:12). And this means that for the building of the third temple some Muslim sacred places should be destroyed. That will cause a great religious repulse or Muslim holy war. Novelist R. Stone said that “there were at least four conspiracies to clean the place where the temple was situated. Some of them went incredibly high to army and police".


*Rod Dreher «Red-Heifer Days»,nationalreview.com , 11.04. 2002.

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