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In July, 2001 an attempt to build the third temple was undertaken which in its turn caused an Arabian vigorous repulse. The parishioners of the mosque Al- Aksa threw stones into the Jews by the Western wall. As a result of these events 15 policemen and 20 Palestinians were wounded. The basic stone which weighed 4,5 tons was stolen. It was planned to put the next block of stones on the 4th of October,2001. This time they wanted to put two stones weighing 4,5 tons but for preventing disorders the High Court of Justice forbade the ceremony. However at the last meeting the member of the Parliament and the Jewish activists confirmed their intention to restore the temple by all means.

We witness the creation of the history. The construction of a new temple will cause an international scandal and  an isolation from the whole world. It can result into the following: the whole world will greet antichrist as their savior who will be the only one who will solve  this insoluble  problem.

The Jewish people like to say that God helps them in everything but they themselves have gone far away from God having accepted doctrines of devils  for the divine truth. Not many real believers remain in Israel today. Satan is triumphing.

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