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The obelisk on St. Peter’s square is really Egyptian... The Roman emperor Caligula during his government (37-41AD) delivered it from Egyptian Heliopolis - cult center Beth Shemesh (Jer.43:13), the largest theological center in ancient Egypt. Pope Sixtus V (1585 - 1590) had the Egyptian obelisks erected all over Rome.

The Satanists of Egypt believed that the spirit of their sun god Ra lived inside every obelisk. Each inhabitant of Egypt should face the obelisk at least once a day when he prayed  . Therefore every time, when the Pope acts before extensive crowds on the square of  St. Peter, he stands before the obelisk as well as any provisional pagan.

The Satanists worship male/ female principle in nature, as the symbol of perfect balance, sexual union between a man and a woman, as the act, which makes abundance of regeneration. One of the main symbols of the male principle is the obelisk, the symbolical image of phallus. One of the main symbols of the female principle is a circle, the symbol of vulvae. Phallus in the center of the circle means... the sexual act (almost all pagan gods are sexual). In the plane it looks like the circle with a point inside, that is the simultaneously standard astronomical symbol of the sun and the Satanist symbol of the sexual act, or of reproduction of life.

Therefore obelisks are placed in the center of a circle. Just as on St. Peter’s square. Thus, in the holy of holiest of the Vatican we see symbols of pagan gods, and in the center there is the Egyptian obelisk to the sun god  Ra – all this represents a pagan sun-worship (Piers Compton, The Broken Cross: Hidden Hand In The Vatican, Channel Islands, Neville Spearman, 1981).

The Roman Catholic Church included Satanist symbols in its most sacred places for worshipping them for many years!  Look at the church of  St. Catherine and Basilica Jesus in Bethlehem. Why in Christian church the image of the sun is the same as they were in temples of sun-worshippers?


And now look attentively at the photo in the right. It is the St. Joseph’s Catholic Church in Attleboro, Massachusetts. 


Have you noticed the 8-spoke wheel of knowledge? Those who till now consider it an innocent ornament, should understand that symbols in spiritual societies are given especially important meaning, and nothing in architecture and furniture of churches is casual. And now can anyone explain why the ornaments above three entrance doors form the number of the beast: 6-6-6, or 666 (see p.249)? 

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