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In the sixth century the Church began to hold the Mass in Latin , thus having opened wide opportunities for  the practice of magic in the church itself. Since that time nobody understood a word of a prayer, and who prayed for. The ministers of the Rome church began to pray to other gods...

Many priests, bishops, even popes were very active in the art of magic. Lots of books about magic, written by bishops and popes, like the books by Thomas Aquinas and Honorious II, were published after their death, but in many cases the Church did not stop to proclaim them saints.  The Vatican library was full of the “forbidden” books about magic. "The Enchrydium” by Pope Leon contained instructions for holding black masses, for banishing and evoking demons. The book was translated from Latin into French, German and English. There was a talisman on the cover  of the first edition of the book, which, as the author said, had a great power of evoking demons.

I do my best, but these heretics still don’t go to church. I shall force to respect me! By any cost!” - the fat beauty raped her fist down to the table.


 And rivers of blood of the innocent people were shed, whose fault was, that they did not go to church. They were not only pagans, but also true Christians, who preferred to be guided in their faith by the Word of God, instead of the doctrines of the Church. Searching for a heretic appeared to be a profitable business: after his death all¸ his property passed in to the hands of the Church. There was time, when it was enough only two witnesses who says that someone praying to other gods, and the person was put to the tortures. And  it was no important at all, what he told under tortures. Having got into the web of Holy inquisition, nobody escaped alive. And some time later the same witnesses reported on another "heretic". And according to  Collier’s Encyclopedia” the denunciations were accepted even from criminals and children. 

The prosecutions of the Christians  began right after the crucifixion of Jesus Christ . However the regular murders of the Christians began since the sixth century. Thus, under the Byzantine emperor Justinian (527-565) there were killed 100 thousand pagans and heretics. But no matter how hard the church tried, the number of "heretics" did not decrease. Therefore in 1215 there was found the Dominican monks order for struggle against heretics. The founder of this order, the monk Dominic was announced a saint (as well as the monk Benedict the founder another  monk order like that). More often the victims of inquisition were the Jews always hated by Rome, and Muslims.

After the discovery of the New World the Spanish seafarers - conquistadors, having the Catholic priest on the staff, with « the missionary aim»  ransacked greedily in America. Under a pretext of pagans’ “correction" the whole villages were slaughtered and plundered. The Maya clerk in Central America wrote: “ Before the arrival of the Spaniards there had been no robbery or violence. The Spanish invasion was the beginning of tribute, the beginning of church taxes, the beginning of dispute ”. The Catholic fathers of San Francisco mission had burnt lots of Indian “witches” before the tribes were subordinated enough to accept “the word of God “.

In XVI century Martin Luther translated the Bible into German and was the first in Europe, to whom the viciousness of Catholic church had opened. He announced the pope to be the antichrist and carried out a big propaganda work among the people, explaining to them the Holy Scriptures. The pope’s authority was shaken. Thousands of people abandoned church and became Luther’s supporters. They were called Protestants, and their position - Reformation. Rome announced contra- reformation.

 To struggle against protestants the pope needed executioners, therefore in 1534 the Jesuit order of monks was formed. And the butchery started. Anyone, who denied, that the Roman pope had the God powers over governments of the Earth, and that he was the vicegerent of Jesus Christ  , who denied any dogma of the church (prayers to dead saints, sculptures, who denied the purgatory or did not want to recognize Jesus in Eucharist cookie) was damned by Catholic church.

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