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Ah, Ah, what should I do?, - the prostitute get worried , hiding under the velvet  her apron of executor splashed with blood. My ministers had overdone slightly. The inquisition finished. How can I wash myself up? To restore the former greatness I need the miracle. Where can I take it? Think, think... You are such a clever girl... Think... I wish somebody saw the phenomenon of the saint who said that the Rome Church is the God chosen Church... It can not be Jesus, it can not be prophets, as Protestants just them defended all the time. It will be suspicious. I know! Nobody has spoken about the Virgin - the mother of Jesus! Hurrah! We'll organize it all quickly. Besides I have been for a long time disturbed by those who still pray to different goddesses. When in Guadalupe, in Mexico, in 1531 there was a phenomenon of the Virgin, 8 million of Indians became the Catholics. Let's give them the goddess. What a clever girl I am.” – clapped her plump hands our saintly.

And in 1830 the French Catholic priest "saw the phenomenon" of the Virgin. Since then various Catholic priests saw her from time to time. The cult of the Virgin began to get stronger, more followers appeared. The prostitute celebrated triumph. It worked! The millions did not ponder over the reasons why after all the crimes accomplished by church, God sent the Virgin to Catholic Church, as selected by Him. Which merits for? Why Virgin?

In the Bible you won’t find a word, not a hint that the Virgin was given any power. Only in 3 episodes the Virgin is mentioned: the birth of the baby Jesus, the first miracle during the wedding, where Jesus turned water to wine, and in the episode of crucifixion. Neither of the apostles thought about exalting her as the goddess. Even in Holy Scriptures, if before the crucifixion of Jesus they had called her the Mother of Jesus, after the crucifixion they, except John, called her “the other Mary  (Mat.27:61) ( i.e. not Mary Magdalene), orMary the mother of James and Joseph” (Mat.27:56, Luke.24:10. James and Joseph are the brothers of Jesus). But the Catholic Church did not want to see the truth, it had gone too far in its false-interpretations of the Bible, that it couldn’t distinguish between the truth and the lie.

Jesus, being crucified, some instants before his death, addressed to Mary and John standing near him: “Woman, behold thy son! Then saith he to the disciple: behold thy mother! And from that hour that disciple took her unto his own home» (John.19:26). The Catholics have interpreted it so: «At the bottom of the cross his mother and disciple John stood. Jesus knew, that Mary was not the mother of John. And Jesus did not tell a lie from the cross, when he announced Mary the mother of the disciple, and the disciple- son of His mother … On the contrary, Jesus spoke about the magnificent truth: being on the cross Jesus gave us his Mother in order she could be  our Mother. All of us were represented on the Calvary as His “disciples ” (from catholic website http://biblia.com/christ/calvary.htm).. They garbled everything.

At the crucifixion besides Мary and John there were many people: the curious crowd (Luke.23:48), Mary Magdalene and mother of Zebedees children, Salome (Mat.27:56, Mark 15:40), the sister of Mary - Mary the wife of Cleophas (John.19:25). It is logical to assume, that if Jesus had in mind “to give His mother” to all his disciples, he, probably, would have said: “Behold your mother!”. But Jesus was concerned about the destiny of two people, very dear to him. He knew, that it would be hard for Mary to live: she was already about 50, in that time it was an old age for the woman; the husband had died; the son was crucified; Jacob and Joses would be killed soon, i.e. she remained alone with several daughters and two younger sons. John was the youngest of His disciples and the favorite. And Jesus also knew, that of all of His disciples only John would remain alive, therefore he wanted John to help Мary in everything.

In 96AD, being an 80-year old man, John wrote "Revelation". It means, that he outlived Mary and was a witness of her funeral. But nothing unique happened. She was buried as an ordinary woman. And the Catholics try to prove, that she was taken to the sky with a body and soul, and remaining an eternal Virgin, sat on the right hand side from her son Jesus. « Мary - the faultless, eternally virgin mother of  God, after the end of her terrestrial life, in a body and spirit was accepted to the heaven ». This Catholic doctrine accepted by Pope Pius XII in 1950, absolutely contradicts Holy Scriptures. The Bible tells: “Flesh and blood cannot inherit the kingdom of God; neither doth corruption inherit incorruption”. (1Cor.15:50); “..and as it is appointed unto men once to die, but after this the judgment” (Heb. 9:27); “No man hath ascended up to heaven, but he that came down from heaven, even the Son of man which is in heaven » (John 3:13).

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