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As it is easy to prove, that the Catholic doctrine is the false Gospels with the false Christ, the Catholic Church always loses the supporters where freedom of speech and religion is there. Hence, the only times, when the Catholic Church prospered, were, when it run governments and used power of those governments to wipe the religious opponents off. The very survival of Catholic Church itself requires a government power for to be insured that religion opponents of her inspired by the Satan and man made religion will be forced to keep silence. True Christians are the main target of Catholic Church.

The more educated, the more heretics - the prostitute announced the verdict.

Therefore Roman Catholic Church was never interested in education of masses. In European countries, where the majority of believers are Protestants, only one out of ten cannot read and write. In the countries, where Catholicism has an absolute influence, there is only one out of 125 that can read and write. It is estimated that at least seven-eighths of the twenty million inhabitants of the Spanish-America, which consists of the countries of Mexico, Cuba, Central America and the north-west parts of South America, are unable to read.

The church did not want people to read the Word of God! Written on Hebrew and Greek during the Roman government the Bible was translated in colloquial at that time Latin. But with the fall of the empire people began to forget the language, and the time has come, when only priest could read the Bible, and people had no opportunity to satisfy themselves of whether he interpreted it in the right way. All the attempts to translate the Bible from the dead language into living ones were always persecuted by the church. Since about 1080 there have been several incidents, when the Pope, Church Council or individual bishops prohibited the translation of the Bible in colloquial language. Common people weren't even allowed to read the Bible in Latin. Reading the Bible was considered to be a proof that the reader is a heretic.

The first translation of the Bible in English was made in 1382 by the followers of John Wycliff. The improved version was finished in 1388. Wycliff's followers were known as Lollards. They were strictly pursued. Those who were caught reading the translations or those who had them, were burnt at stake. The Bible in the Wycliff's translation was copied by hand, that is why it was a long process. The majority of English copies of the Wycliff Bible were burnt.

Well, it is impossible... Now all the parishioners will begin to ask questions... They should listen what the Church says instead of announcing what they think of the Bible! Otherwise I'll never be off with the Protestants. I am the Church of the God! I! I! , - cried out the sanctimonious nervously.  

And the Pope Leo in 1516 has announced: No person shall preach without the permission of his Superior. All preachers shall explain the Gospel according to the Fathers. They shall not explain futurity or the times of Antichrist!"

  In 1535 William Tyndale and a bishop Milly Coverdale translated the initial Greek and Jewish texts into the English language. Their Bible was published in Germany. The press had been invented, and it allowed Тyndale and his followers make more copies of their English Bible, so the Catholic inquisitors didn't manage to find many of them. William Tyndale was burned as a "heretic" for translating the Bible into English.

Forty seven years later, in 1582, the first Catholic translation of the New Testament issued in English. The Catholic translation of the Old Testament was published in 1609. These translations were made not from the Greek and Jewish originals, but from the Latin translation. So, being unable to resist the progress any more, the Catholic Church decided to slake the thirst for  the God's word people, bringing its corrections and and additions into the Bible. To justify some of the Catholic doctrines of a non-bible origin, such as prays to the dead, in 1548 at  Council of Trent the Catholic Church announced apocryphal books (i.e. for some reason not authentic books, which therefore were not included  in the Bible) as canonical (i.e. the part of the Holy Scripture).

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