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The apocryphal books have never been the part of the Jewish or the Protestant Bibles.

Thus, the Church has changed the Bible, having added some traditions to the Holy Scripture!

Jesus reproached Pharisees and the scribes for it: « Why do ye also transgress the commandment of God by your tradition? » (Mat.15:3).

The people were so hungry to know what is Bible tells, that when the English Catholic translation of the Bible had at last been made accessible, crowds of people filled in a church, where the Bible was. The people continued to read the Bible aloud in turn until it was dark.

In 1846, and again in 1849, the Roman Pope Pius IX officially announced, that the Bible societies (which were engaged in translation of the Hebrew Scriptures) - “the crafty enemies “of the Catholic Church and mankind in general, because they translate the Bible in colloquial languages of common people and give the Bible to anyone, who wishes, including not enough educated people.

Since 1870 the Catholic Church lost its authority and could not go against progress any longer. Answering the demand, the printing-presses printed the Bibles tirelessly and people began to understand the Scriptures. The missionary movement amplified.


The prostitute had got absolutely confused. Mary's frequent apparitions did not help. And to restore the Pope's authority, she decided to use the custom method as usual: the order.

And in 1870  the Council of Trent announced the Pope's infallibility. 

So the Popes in contradistinction to the sinful mankind, never make a mistake?  The history gives us brightest example of such «infallibility». On  May 30th, 1431 the Pope Eugenie IV burnt Joan of Arc on the public square of Rouen, in France as a heretic and a witch for refusing to submit to the authority of the Roman Catholic Church. She declared that she only submitted to God. Later, in 1909 Joan of Arc was blessed by the Pope Pius X and canonized as a saint by Pope Benedict XV in 1920. One infallible pope burned Joan of Arc as a heretic and another infallible pope canonized her as a saint.

In 495 A.D., Pope Helasius announced that the doctrine about the Mary’s Assumption is a heresy and people who teach it are the heretics. In the sixth century the Pope Hormisdas declared that anyone teaching this doctrine is a heretic. The two "infallible" popes declared that this doctrine is a heresy. But on November the 1st, 1950, Pope Pius XII (another "infallible" pope) proclaimed the same doctrine as the official Roman Catholic dogma, which all Catholics were had to believe.                    
                                             Maybe the Popes themselves were distinguished by the sinless lives?

Ronald Cooke in the book «Popes of Rome» opens this veil of innocence... Pope John XII made the incest with his mother, sister and his father's mistress and was murdered by a jealous husband who found the "Vicar of Christ" having sex with his wife. John XXII was convicted of murder, rape, sodomy and homosexuality *. Pope Benedict IX (1033-1045) had sex with boys, women, and animals, he practiced witchcraft and Satanism, and he gave orders to kill people. He turned the Lateran Palace into "the best brothel in Rome." **. The Pope Innocent I (401-417), Pope Silverius (536-537), John XI (931-935), Bishop Damasus I (366-384), Pope Boniface (418-422), Felix II (483)-492), Anastasias II (496-498), Agapitos (535-536), Merinos I (882-884) and John XV (985-986) were the sons of Roman Catholic priests, born from prostitutes.


*Ronald Cooke “Popes of Rome” p. 11, 19.
**Malachi Martin, “The Decline and Fall of the Roman Church,” p.132.

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