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Being the sinners, they announced the sinners as the saints. So the English King Charles II died in a bed  with prostitutes surrounding him. It was a shame for England, but Rome glorified him as one of its reformers.  

Ronald Cooke says: “When one looks at the lives of some of these men who claimed, and still claim, to be the Vicar of Christ on earth, he sees a ghastly array of gregarious evils both moral and spiritual which cannot be matched by any other group of men, or by any other organization, in the annals of history. Other men and organizations have committed great evils, but never on such a wide scale and never for such a long time. The evils are compounded by the fact that the popes of Rome not only claimed to be "Christian" but to be the leader of all Christians in the world, and the personal representative of Christ on earth. When the lives and teachings of the popes are examined it will be seen by any impartial observer, that some of the most wicked men who have ever lived on this planet were popes of Rome. Their lives and teachings mark them out as the representatives of evil rather than the representatives of the Lord Jesus Christ. The popes surpassed Nero and Caligula in crimes and sins» * .

                          «They profess that they know God; but in works they deny Him» Tit 1:16.


« The Fascist dictatorship - there is something attractive and familiar in it... Any authority is good if it feeds well! » - the Prostitute winked at Mussolini and began a flirting to Hitler.

Most people know about crimes of the fascists: about the concentration camps and mass murders of the peaceful citizens. But not everyone knows that the ideologist of these brutalities was the skilled master of inquisitions – the Roman Catholic Church.


In the photo: Signing the Concordat is Cardinal Pacelli (later to become Pope Pius XII) - Vatican Secretary of State. Seated second from his left is Franz von Papen who was the Papal Nuncio to Germany. Standing at the far right can be seen the little known Vatican prelate, Montini, later to become Pope Paul VI.

In 1933 Vatican signed Concordat with Germany, according to which Catholicism was considered the only religion in this country. And in 7 years the question of accepting or refusing Catholicism, as in  old times  of the inquisition became the question of life or death. Putting into practice the hatred of Vatican to the Jews which lasted for centuries, faithful Catholic Hitler destroyed with a sward, bullet, starvation, poison, loop and gas more than 6 millions of  Jewish souls from children  to elders. The Communists, the priests of orthodox churches and their parishioners were destroyed as heretics, i.e. not Catholics. «The Pope was just as much in the Second World War as was Hitler and Catholic Mussolini and therefore just as guilty of the murder of six million Jews. In fact, Popes have been in or instigated most, if not all, the European wars down through the centuries» **.

Former Jesuit Alberto Rivera wrote: « In 1936 the new Spanish inquisition exploded. It was called ‘ the Spanish Civil War ’, secretly orchestrated in the Vatican... The Pope excommunicated the heads of the Spanish Republic and declared spiritual war between the Holy See and Madrid.... Under the banner of Vatican the Muslim forces... attacked southern Spain.... When the accomplished has its goals, Spain was in ruins, bleeding and beaten, but safely back in the hands of the Vatican.... General Franco eventually became the Roman Catholic dictator of Spain.. » ***.


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