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In the photo on the left: The Spanish Catholic Hierarchy are giving the Fascist salutes at Santiago de Compostella in 1937.
Photo on the right: Catholic "evangelization" during the Spanish Civil War.

The Vatican Prostitute received independence undo Mussolini government and decided with the help of the fascists to subordinate Europe to her influence. She was seriously worried about the increase of the democratic movement in Europe. You see, the democratic form of government with the religious freedom was deeply hateful by her. She liked the fascist dictatorship. And she decided to take an advantage of the favor of the fascist government and to establish in the European countries the dictators loyal to Vatican. The ambitions of the fascists and Vatican were the reason of World War II. 

Yugoslavia was the country with a strong Democratic Party. It was decided to begin with it. In 1929 in a counterbalance of the democrats the fascist nationalists Croatian organization “Ustashi” was created. Only Croatian fascist Catholics were members of the organization. In 1934 they killed the Yugoslavian king Alexander and, as well as Hitler's party in Germany at that time, began to increase authority. The goal of the Ustashi was to restore the Catholic dictatorship in Yugoslavia at all costs. The Catholic top was impatient to establish its domination

On March the 28th of 1941 the Catholic archbishop of Croatia Stepinack said: «The schism (Eastern Orthodoxy) is the greatest curse in Europe, almost greater than Protestantism. Here there is no moral, no principles, no truth, no justice, no honesty » (http://www.reformation.org/archive.html).

On April the 6th of, 1941 German and Italian armies occupied Yugoslavia. Croatia was declared an independent state, and the Catholic Ante Pavelich was appointed by Hitler as the manager of the state. In several weeks after the announcement of independence the concentration camps began their work. Pavelich's main assistant, Catholic Mile Budak according to the Ustashi newspaper Novi List in June, 1941 said: " We will kill one part of the Serbs, the other part we will resettle, and the remaining ones we will convert to the Catholic faith and thus make Croats of them... We must be a country of Croats and no one else and there is no method that we as Ustashi will not use in order to make this country Croatian and to cleanse it of Serbs." (http://www.angelfire.com/on/3angels/dedijer.html), (www.reformation.org/holocaus.html)..

A lot of high officials of the Ustashi government were the Rome-Catholic priests. The Ustashi were responsible for the genocide of untold numbers of Jews and of 750,000 Serbs during the four-year period. Many Serbs were given the opportunity to convert to Roman Catholicism to avoid execution (though many of the becoming Catholics were killed later).


In the photo: Little Dollfuss (Dictator of Austria) with Cardinal Innitzer on the right, witnessing the proclamation of the new Clerical-Fascist Constitution in 1934. 

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