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To the Jews, on the other hand, were not given the option of conversion because of the Catholic Croatian government policy on non-Aryans. Catholic Archbishop Stepinac of Croatia signed and issued the official Croatian government circular (#11.530 August 1941) explaining the policy against permitting the conversion of Jews to Roman Catholicism.

The Ustashi raged, and the Catholic priests encouraged it. For fear of death thousand of Serbs had to accept the Catholicism. And it was not free for them.  Even in this situation the Holy Church didn't miss the chance to snatch the fattest sum: the ceremony of baptism in Catholicism was expensive.

           1.      2.    3. 

            4.    5.   6.

In the photo: 
1.The Victims of the Catholic purge; 
2.The papal nuncio Marcone (in the white robes of the Dominican order), Archbishop Stepinac next to him, and around them the leading military representatives of Nazi Germany and the NDH are sitting; 
3.The clergy inspires the Ustashi for fight  with the heretics;
4. Dead heretics;
5. February, 1933. Berlin: the brotherhood; 
6.The nuns are marching with Croatian Nazi legionaries.

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