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Former SS Captain Erich Priebke was convicted in March 1944 as the killer of 335 Rome citizens, including 75 Jews. On the 22nd of July, 1997 Priebke received a five year slap on the wrist from a Rome military tribunal. The significance of Priebke's case is that he admitted that he was helped by Vatican in his escape from a British prisoner of war camp and that Vatican organized his flight from justice to Argentina.

During a terror in Croatia the Ustashi saved the large treasures. The properties of their victims were confiscated as well as golden watch and rings, in camps their golden crowns were broken out also. All this gold was kept in the archbishop Stepinack's palace. On the day of Germany's capitulation, on the 7th of May, 1945, Vatican was given 288 kilos in gold, all the credits handed to Vatican from the fascist government, were evaluated approximately in 170 $million. This information was open not long ago as a result of disclosure of the archival documents in the USA, Great Britain and Germany etc. The former victims of concentration camps brought a suit against Vatican in the American District court of San Francisco on the 15th of November, 1999 asking for return to them their properties which were taken away by Vatican. The newspaper « The Spectrum » from the 2nd of May, 2000 noted that the Vatican bank refused to explain the bargains with the Ustashi in spite of the numerous inquiries from other governments and London Conference on Nazi Gold.

However the deeply sympathetic Roman Pope John Paul II in a touching scene in Jerusalem, standing at the Jews memorial before the ashes of the concentration camp victims of Holocaust told, that he “was deeply grieved” by  “ the Christian prosecution ” of the Jews. And that is all. Those few gray haired people, who remained alive by a miracle, having passed through the horrors of the Catholic purgatory, are still waiting when the deeply sympathetic Roman Pope will turn from words to business and return to them what the Mother- church had stolen.


Having thoroughly drenched in blood of innocent people and having got confused in her own lie, the prostitute decided to apply again her favorite method: pressing. « All Catholics are obliged to believe me, otherwise I.... I.., - puffing in indignation the Prostitute hissed...- I shall revenge! »

The present Pope (John Paul II) issued a new edition of Roman Catholic Canon Law. According to Canon 752, whenever the Pope or the college of bishops makes a declaration concerning faith or morals, "faithful Christians" are required to give "a religious submission of their intellect and will" to it. Moreover they must "take care to avoid those things which do not agree with it" (Canon 752 in “Code of Canon Law, ” Latin English edition, (Washington, DC: Canon Law Society of America, 1988), p.247). So it is against the Roman Catholic Canon Law for "faithful Christians" to doubt or deny or dispute any Catholic doctrine.

According to Canon 1311, The Catholic Church has the right "to coerce offending members of the Christian faithful". (Emphasis added.) Canon 1312 says that punishing sanctions can include depriving the people of "some spiritual or temporal good». (“Code of Canon Law”, p.409) "Spiritual goods" are necessary to get to the Heavens. The Catholic Church believes that it can deprive people of the spiritual goods through excommunication and anathemas. "Temporal goods" are the things necessary for the life in this world, i.e. property. Again the church have something to profit from…

   * «God gives me the riches for obedience of mine, - the Prostitute screwed up her eyes, trying to make a sinless face. – Well, why are you staring at me?! Money do not smell! ». The Catholic Church was and is remaining the same... prostitute, which loves money. The Roman-Catholic Church is the only richest organization in the world. The richness of the Catholic Church was being saved within many centuries. During the Mexican revolution the Catholic Church had from about one third to half of all the lands in Mexico. The Catholic Church accumulated such a vast wealth as 25 per cent of all privately owned real estate in the United States in 1965. Avro Manhattan, the world's most famous authority in Vatican policy, showed in his book, The Vatican Billions, that in 1983 the priests of the Jesuit order only in the USA had the tax free annual income of no less than $250 millions.

The Vatican richness continues to be increased. Today Vatican owns one third of Rome's real estate. Do not forget, that the population of Vatican is hardly more than a thousand, and it is the largest holder of stocks and bonds in the entire world.

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