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In 1986 in Assisi, Italy, John Paul II joined in a circle to pray and meditate with snake handlers from Togo, shamans and tribal witchdoctors from West Africa, Hindu gurus from India, Buddhist monks from Thailand, and liberal protestant clergymen from Great Britain, as all joined hands in "prayers  to their gods for 'peace'." The Pope also announced in Assisi that there are "many paths to God." *.


Throughout Central and South America, Catholicism is in the most blatant partnership with spiritism and paganism. In Brazil, Aparecida is the largest cathedral in the world next to St. Peters in Rome. It is dedicated to a small idol of a "Black Virgin" -- pulled from a nearby lake in a fishing net -- that now performs "miracles." The Pope came to honor this idol in 1991. At the mass, the priest led the people in prayers and songs to the idol, asking it for salvation and dedicating their lives to it. (Reported in the October 1991, CIB Bulletin).

In his visit to Senegal in 1992 where, instead of calling the heathen African religions by their proper and accurate name, Pope John Paul II referred to "African customs" and urged Senegal's Roman Catholics to "strike the right balance between African customs and church requirements." However there is no "right balance" between truth and error -- they are mutually exclusive. Yet the Pope said that the "blending of authentically African fruits in union with the universal church was essential to the spread of Catholicism on the continent." (4/93, Flashpoint).

                                                              85FaithUnited.jpg (80339 bytes)

On the 10th of January, 1993, the Pope again hosted the Dalai Lama (who considers himself the 14th reincarnation of Buddha) the leader of the Tibetan Buddhism and the representatives of many other false religions. It was an incredible scene to see these saint persons, holding "holy books" in hands, all standing side-by-side with the Pope. In the 2/10/93 issue of the official Vatican newspaper, L 'Osservatore Romano, the Pope said he recognized within the devil worship sect of Voodoo, "God's riches ... the seed of the Word ... solidarity among believers ... for ... human liberation"**.


In the photo: the pope in Papua in 1984. The Papua woman with a naked breast and a colored face speaks about...God (?!)


*Christian News in a reprint of a 1993 article by Michael A. Hoffman in Researcher, Vol. 4, No. 3; and the 4/93, Flashpoint.

**the same.

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