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In the newspaper "Sun" May 21, 2002 in article «Stanning New Fatima Secret » it is reported that 12 American cardinals were called to Rome to a special conference devoted to the discussion of the 3rd Fatima's secret (which was given to the children in 1917, and is now opening to public). They say that Mary predicted that Antichrist had already been born in Russia, in a Caucasian village. That he is not the man, but the devil, he is already in a mature age and already appears on a political stage, as the world preacher. And further the Church speaks very strangely: «The Catholic church in union with other religious leaders all around the world will not stand idly by and let the Antichrist rise to world dominion... Ecumenical Council on Religion and World Affairs (ECRWA) is ready to do battle with the Antichrist and his followers and frustrate his plans for Israel and … world domination ». 

Hear what the prostitute hints at? According to the Bible, Antichrist is the person who rejects the Father and the Son: « Who is a liar but he that denieth that Jesus is the Christ? He is antichrist, that denieth the Father and the Son» (1John.2:22). Who are these « other religious leaders »? These are the worshippers of antichristian religions, so they are antichrists. And the Pope together with the antichrists wants to catch "antichrists". It is not difficult to guess, who will be these "antichrists", who will be hunted soon. It will be the representatives of the "sects": those who follow only the Word of God and do not recognize the association of religions, thus standing in the way of "progress". They will open the eyes on the truth to those who sees her as Mother-Church, undermining the authority of the «church elected by God». And the Prostitute hates the truth. You see « He that is of God heareth God's words» (John 8:47). The prostitute is not from God, she is the Devil's bride. Striving for the world domination, she increases the influence in UN and, it is quite possible, that soon she will begin the inquisition again.


In the photo on the left: the Pope is in Israel at the meeting with rabbis; on the right: at the end of an audience with the Patriarch of Iraq Rafael I the Pope kisses Koran as a sign of respect.

Nazi Germany and the Ustashi Croatia were only a hint on the world inquisition of the Christians, who will not worship the beast (see. Rev.13). The prophecies of «Revelation" begin to come true.

 After the devil understood, that in spite of the persecutions of the Christians of the Early Church he can neither deceive nor intimidate them, and he cannot kill all of them, he decided to destroy the Christian faith from the inside. For that he created his own church having given it the Christian shape. Thus the Roman Catholic church as the mixture of the religions of Babylon and hatred of a true Word of God and His followers was created.

Vatican today is the nervous center and head of many conspiratorial organizations of the world.  These are all knight orders, Illuminati, Club of Rome, Masons, New Age Movement , international bankers and Mafia and others. The Jesuits are the right hand of Vatican, who directly operate the actions of these organizations with the purpose of creation of one world government.

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