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Jesuits are old haters of the Jews, the founders of anti-Semitism.

 “They have taken crafty counsel against your people... They have said, ”Come, and let us cut them off from being a nation, that the name of  Israel may be remembered no more” (Ps.83:3,4).

Carrying out some actions condemned by humanity,  they try to present everything that way like it was an action of the Jews. It is their tactics. Millions and millions of the Jews’ lives are on the conscience of Mother Church. She killed Jews by hands of Roman emperors, by hands of her numerous monks’ orders in times of inquisition, by hands of knight orders in times of crusades, by hands of Jesuits in times of Reformation, by hands of organizers of Jewish pogroms, by hands of Hitler and Stalin. The prostitute hates Jews. Jesuits do everything to cause everyone’s hatred to Jews.

Communism was their idea. Common lodging where everyone is equal in his finance, work, everybody is small and poor, and under the control of the dictator. Jesuits had already had the experience of creating communes in Paraguay according to the communes of "Utopia" of Thomas Moore. In 1848 they presented communism through the Jew C. Marx (real name is Moses Mordecai Marx Levi) - a Luciferian, mason of  the 33rd degree, member of the branch of Illuminati “League of the Just”, as the founder of communism, to present it as the Jews’ child. Marx was authorized by Illuminati to write «Communist Manifesto», which is the circuit of their plans for world domination *.

Since the pope passionately wanted to make Russia Catholic (Russia not in vain was called the 3rd Rome), and for this purpose it was necessary to overthrow the authority of the emperor, Jesuits decided to do it with the hands of the communist party, which, naturally, should have been ruled by the Jews. Jesuits displaced the Romanoffs, under whose trusteeship and protection was the Orthodox Church to finish with it forever. They killed about 5000 priests and nuns, burnt Lutheran Churches, banished Baptists to Siberia. There wouldn’t be any revolution, if Lenin wasn’t financed through Wall Street by the knights of Malta, who work together with Jesuits (they financed Hitler also).

After the Bolshevik revolution Vatican entered the confidential agreements with Lenin: the communist party was given large sums of money of a pledge, that Catholicism becomes the state religion in Russia. Money were taken and the promise was not executed. It made Russian communists enemies of Vatican. Vatican revenged, using the Nazi, having involved Russia in the Second World War.

To the Civil War of 1918-1920 was given Jewish shape: people spoke Yiddish, there were Jewish signboards everywhere. They wanted to inspire the world that the revolution was of the Jewish origin. Jesuits settled in Georgia after they had been expelled them by the emperor in 1820, helped to organize there communist party and spent a lot of time training Georgian fellow with the Jewish name Joseph. In 1898 young Joseph Dzhugashvily became the mason and the member of the Communist Party of the Soviet Union. Having pushed him in 1922 on the post of the general secretary of the communist party of Russia, they in the same year received the formal sanction to the entrance to the country. In 1929 in Rome Russian college for preparation of Russian Jesuits was founded with the purpose of management of Russia. Jesuits with the hands of Stalin destroyed the Jews up to 1953. Therefore Stalin purposely killed 40 thousand of his best officers. He wanted a loss, he wanted the German army to come into Russia and clear Russia from the Jews.

So, Jesuits wrote everything off on the Jews. Didn’t the Jews kill the Christians in Russia, didn’t they send them in Siberia, Lenin is the half Jew and Trotsky is the Jew, and many members of the communist party are the Jews. However, when during the Second World War the Jews tried to escape from Germany, Stalin didn’t allow them to enter Russia. If Russia was controlled by the Jews, he would let them. It was the secret war against the Jews *.


*«The Srectrum» from the 2nd of May, 2000; the article «The Most Powerful Man in the World? The “Black” Pop». The interview of Rick Martin with Eric Jon Phelps, the author of «Vatican assassins». .

**David I.Kertzer "The Popes Against the Jews: The Vatican’s Role in the Rise of Modern Anti-Semitism".

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