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The name of the regime of fascist Germany «the Third Reich» (or third empire) was borrowed from the medieval doctrines about three empires (the 1st, as they thought was the Holy Roman Empire, the 2nd – the German Empire of 1871-1918). The third "a thousand years’" empire – the Third Reich – was the Aryan highest race - final stage of social development.

It was one of the theories advanced by Jesuits. The Germans were inspired that they were the elected highest nation, from which super-people would come out, and for the maintenance of purity of the nation the lowest races were subject to destruction. Having aimed Nazi beast to the destruction of the lowest race, Jesuits needed only to determine whom to consider the lowest race. Certainly, the Jews were considered the lowest race.

After the war the tired world was ready to accept the international government, which would ensure peace all over the world. So the Organization of the United Nations was formed. Since the creation of the UN in 1945, this so-called “organization for the maintenance of peace’ constantly suffers failures in keeping peace all over the world: there are dozens of wars every day in the world. Why does the UN so badly cope with its duties? Because keeping peace is not their purpose, even if they continue to convince in it. However the UN was the tool of suppression of the freedom loving people, as it happened in Rhodesia. From the very beginning the purpose of the Mason-Jesuit Organization of the United Nations was restoration of secular power of the papacy, in what we see significant progress today. After the war the European Economic Union and the number of other organizations having united  functions were born - all of them became first steps to one world government, about which in the Bible it is said as about the time of the  Antichrist government.

After the Second World War Jesuits had their authority upon Russia, Southern America and Africa, but not in the east in the Buddha countries. The purpose of Cold war for Jesuits was to replace the chiefs of the Oriental countries by the dictators subordinated to Rome, and to kill millions of Buddha-Heretics. People of Vietnam (basically - Buddhists), did not want to accept the Catholicism, though Jesuits were there for centuries. Therefore they “were punished” by the Vietnamese war. Cambodian Buddhists were punished with the help of Pol Pot. Chinese Buddhists were punished with the help of Mao Zedongа, having killed 50 million people. Laos was also punished.

The Cold war was necessary to establish the Catholic NATO and the communist Warsaw contract, during which they sent the Protestants of Eastern Germany, Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia in Siberia.

The Cold war was necessary to unite the Catholics and the Protestants of America against communism. And today Rome supervises Protestant churches of USA through National Council of Churches. All large Protestant universities today are in the hands of masons and Jesuits. They supervise education in all communist countries. When they had established all dictators in the world, the Cold war was not necessary for them. Their following purpose was association of Europe, that they have achieved absolutely recently. Their next steps are: restoration of Russia and destruction of the western empire – the USA.

                                  In the photo: Count Hans Kolvenbach - present Jesuit’s general. He gives  the orders to the official pope John Paul II.

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