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During the investigation, under the tortures, the knights admitted, that the ritual of the introduction into the Order was accompanied with spitting upon the crucifixion; that they think that Jesus was the false prophet; and that it was forbidden to them under the threat of death to disclose something concerning rituals of the order. 

The pope Clement V, deeply offended for intervention of the king in the Order’s businesses, which was completely under the pope’s jurisdiction, the pope required private investigation. In private conversations with the pope, without tortures, the knights confirmed everything what they told earlier. The scandal about the Templars amplified, and the pope was compelled to disband the Order in 1312.

The knights at last were suppressed in England in 1312. In France in May 1310 54 Templars were burnt as heretics, including the chief of the Order, Jacques de Molay. In total at least two thousand knights were killed with the purpose to destroy the Order for ever.

However after these events the Order of the Temple didn’t stop its existence. The line of grandmasters followed without interruption up to the end of the 18th century, when the knights of the temple became the nucleus of the mason movement. The confidential rituals of the order and philosophical bases of their doctrine were inherited by the masons.

In what did the knights of the temple believe? As well as all numerous knight orders of the Catholic Church the knights of the temple trusted in something that is far from the Christian doctrine. Being the instrument of destruction of heretics they were out-and-out heretics. The violent christening in the Catholic faith in the Roman Empire caused resistance and hostility of Christianity, which served to the broadest distribution of various heretic doctrines, one of which was the doctrine of the Bogomils.

In the beginning the knights of the temple were under their strong influence. Bogomils taught that God Most High has two sons, senior - Satanael, and younger - Jesus. Satanael who sat from the right hand of God, had the right of management of the heavenly world, but he was executed for pride. He rose against his Father and was thrown from heavens. Then with the help of the angels, who fell together with him, he created the visible world. His assistant: a man and snake were created the last. Later Christ arrived on the Earth to show people the way to heavens, but he could not pull out the authority from Satanael, that is Satan. Bogomils thought that indulging flesh they calmed their creator - the demon, who created the material world. In their awful night orgies they brought children to sacrifices and used their blood for making Eucharistic bread*. Black cat was the symbol of the Satan for them. This belief in powerlessness of the Christ and need for pacification of the Satan, who is not only “the prince of this world”, but also its creator, conducted to the further doctrine: that the Satan is almighty. They believed that the Lucifer was unfairly thrown from heavens, and that one day he will rise there again and will restore his former glory and authority in the heavenly world. Thus the Templars shared the positions of the Bogomils, they were Satanists as well.

In the rituals they used an idol – an awful bearded head named Baphomet, which represented «the lowest god, creator and master of the material world», or Lucifer. Those of the knights, who were insufficiently devoted into the Satanist rituals of the award, thought that the idol was the head of John Baptist. The Templars were also under the strong influence of the Jewish cabbala and, as cabbalists, they were sure that Jesus was the false prophet and Apostle John – the true one.

Through the Jews - cabbalists the devil issued hundreds of poisonous theories. Later one of them was accepted by Templiers. They approved that they studied a certain Jewish confidential doctrine, which was attributed to the Apostle St. John from «the devoted of the East». Thus Templars supported the doctrine of Johannites – the knights of the Order of St. John (since 1540 they are also the knights of Malta) - another catholic Order. Johannites taught that Moses, living in Egypt was devoted in the Ancient-Egyptian secrets, this confidential knowledge was handed by him to his brother Aaron, and then it was transferred by the priests Jews from generation to generation. They asserted that Jesus was devoted in these secrets, that he spent some years in Egypt, studying them. Due to the confidential knowledge, Jesus made miracles. They also taught that written by the apostles Gospel has a secret meaning, and that the Gospel by St. John, whom Jesus transferred all the confidential knowledge before his death, is the key for its correct understanding.

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