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               In the photo: Albert Pike - theoretic of Masonry.

After the flood, as the legend tells, during the construction of the Babylon tower, these poles were found by the builders, more correctly – by the masons. So masons were devoted in the secret knowledge. In that time Nimrod was the king of Babylon, and the find was given to him. Every mason gave the oath to be true to the king and company and to keep the received knowledge. They called each other brothers, their tutors of works - foremen (or teachers), and the king – the grandmaster. They constructed the Egyptian pyramids and the Solomon temple. Solomon, being admired by their work, after the end of the construction of the temple sent them to different countries, where they taught Geometry science. They built medieval Gothic temples, inserting in the architectural furniture of buildings various elements of magic. Since then the Masonry was distributed in many countries.


                     In the photo: mason ornament of the Notre Dame Cathedral.

Today, according to the data given on the website of the New York lodge, there exist 13,200 of mason lodges (organizations) in the USA. Only in New York there are more than 700 mason lodges with total number of members almost 90,000. In the world there are today more than five million masons and about three millions of them - in the USA.

Reconstructed anew by the Templars Masonry in the beginning developed only in Scotland, and in 1717 mason lodges appeared in England, whence it was distributed worldwide. By then Masonry lost its professional selectivity: its members became people sharing occult traditions of masons, but far from building business. Because of legendaries and secret, surrounding the Masonry, it became prestigious. Its members became in the basic advanced people of the time: scientific, writers, philosophers, outstanding political figures. It is known that in Russia A.S.Pushkin and L.N.Tolstoy were masons, in the USA - almost all presidents, beginning with J. Washington, in Europe (native land of the Reformation!) the spirit of the Masonry impregnated all the society.                                               

The Masonry is a very artful tool of the devil for the destruction of the belief in God. It is dangerous, because of its disguising it is possible to understand, that the Masonry is the devil doctrine, only by reaching the 30-s degree of the lodge (the 33rd degree is the Grandmaster - the highest degree of the Masonry). Remember, the devil promised Eva: «you will be like God» (Gen. 3:5)? The Masonry teaches that the man with the help of the secret knowledge can become God. It is easy to understand who is the true founder of the Masonry.

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